2019 Seattle Hempfest

It’s August, the time of year that the annual Seattle Hempfest takes place! Unfortunately, the coronavirus had other plans, closing borders, and cancelling events. Thankfully, the event is moving online! Still, there are some of us who can’t cross the border, regardless of the pandemic. It’s a good thing that last year, the Cannabis Life Network and Craig Ex headed to Seattle to check out the scene. For everyone missing the fun and festivities or who didn’t get to go in the first place, here’s a quick flashback to the 2019 Seattle Hempfest!

Video highlights

With Craig Ex as your guide, take a look at some of the highlights from 2019 Seattle Hempfest!

  • A look at a gold and silver nugget!
  • Dabs of Donkey Urine with Rapper Chris Crayzie
  • Interview with Dj Yella, Ngaio Bealum and the Dabbing Granny
  • Surprise cameo and Bonsai moment with Cheddar!
  • Smoking, toking and lots, lots more…

Live Stream Seattle Hempfest 2020

August 14-16th, 2020, The 29th Annual Seattle Hempfest is set to move online. Live stream the event from the comforts of your living room; times will be announced. For more information on Seattle Hempfest 2020, check out their website.