Friday Function Featuring DJ K-OG Live @Studio710

Studio710 would like to announce the all-new “Friday Function” series. It will be replacing the previous Terrace Tuesdays. Friday Function featuring DJ K-OG live @Studio710 will air from 5 pm – 8 pm Pacific time. The change comes alongside the start of the fall season. The Livestream will feature performances from K-OG, Dirtykvrt, and Hippyflip.

“The Livestream series aims to help give a platform for the music and nightlife industry in Vancouver,” said DJ K-OG. “Those industries have been hit hard due to Covid-19. Friday Function aims to bring local artists together and form a strong, supportive community.”

DJ K-OG’s company, Kumo Promotions has made a Facebook group in partnership with Studio710. The group serves as “a platform for the Vancouver music scene and DJ community” said K-OG. “We have decided to create opportunities for those who have worked in the industry and have lost them thanks to Covid. We hope to bring back the scene stronger than ever.”

Support local artists and tune in every Friday! Comment below who you would like to see featured on future episodes.