Dr. Markus Roggen, PhD. has a doctorate in Chemistry. He is the founder and CEO of Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures LTD, a licensed cannabis research laboratory. Somehow, we managed to talk this guy into letting us ask him anything about weed and we certainly don’t hold back. It’s been ridiculous and fascinating and sometimes, the answers are surprisingly scientific. We ask him all sorts of things… well actually, you do! Thanks to you sending in your questions, Dr. Markus Roggen never knows what to expect. Here is an episode 4 of Ask an Expert – Questions asked about bong!

Episode 4 – You asked and Dr. Markus Roggen answered!

Why is there water in a bong?

The water cools the smoke, making it less likely to burn your throat and lungs. Also, the water will capture a few compounds from the smoke which “cleans” it.

What is the best liquid to put in bongs? Is milk better than water?

The cooling effect isn’t really affected by the liquid you choose. When it comes to the compounds you remove, it’s important to understand that THC and the other cannabinoids are not water-soluble, but they are fat-soluble. Milk is water and fat in an emulsion. Therefore, those aspects of milk will be very good for dissolving THC and other cannabinoids. So, if you use milk, smoking may not be that great but you could drink the bong water afterward. Also, If you use a flavoured liquid, you can infuse the smoke with some flavour.

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Stoner answer: Fill your bong with water and don’t drink it. That’s super gnarly. 

Do your weed change flavours when you’re smoking it or is it just me?

Flavour is dictated by terpenes which are very volatile compounds within the plant. They will evaporate over time, however, different terpenes evaporate at different rates. As the terpene blend creates the flavour, if left to sit, the flavour of your cannabis will change. We know that in tobacco, the breakdown of starch to sugar plays a role in the overall flavour. In my lab, this is being tested right now; we suspect that the breakdown from starch to sugar is another important part of the curing process when it comes to cannabis. If your cannabis tasted sweeter, you may have just had it sitting longer and turned more starch to sugar. 


Do weed stems get you high?

Not really. The cannabinoids are expressed in the flower and bud, There are not enough cannabinoids present in the stems so you would have to consume a lot of them, very quickly. 

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How do I assert my weed smoking dominance as a new roommate?

I think of cannabis like a wine, not like vodka or something for a drinking fest. If you want to assert your dominance, talk about your favorite strain, and how you can taste almonds and chocolate.

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Stoner answer: Challenge them to a duel. Demand satisfaction. 

Should I hit the gravity bong for breakfast?

No, it’s not breakfast.

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Stoner answer: Doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

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