3 Unique Fashion Brands To Help You Build Your Wardrobe For 2021

As 2021 kicks into gear, it brings with it new connections, new opportunities, and most importantly, new style. For local artists, people with a creative passion, or even just someone trying to build their own unique look, wardrobe customization is important. Fashion is what makes us unique; it’s the cover of our book, the poster to our movie. Clothing defines our personal brand, and the first thing a person notices about us.

If you’re looking to stack your closet with some creatively unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, instead of settling for a decent but common brand – such as Nike or Champion – you’re in luck! Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for some upcoming and underrated brands, and fashion designers. Let me tell you, there’s a lot of gems out there. Today we’re going to be looking at my top 3 unique fashion brands to help you build your wardrobe for 2021. These rising brands, specializing in both full stock and 1 of 1 product.

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First up, we have Fashion Arcade, a new clothing brand specializing in wearable art. They dropped their first collection recently, thankfully in time for Christmas. It does not disappoint. Featuring air-brushed hoodies, colorful jeans, and a selection of custom ice dye sweaters, you can’t go wrong adding at least one of their 1/1 products to your collection. Especially if you’re looking to support a new designer that not everyone knows about, there’s always something a little special about that.

Defective Garments

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This one is for people who are more into vintage, homemade styled clothing. I stumbled across this brand on Instagram the other day, and it’s quite something to look at. Although they have quite a large fanbase, their handmade designs are a great touch to any vintage outfit. Their most recent collection dropped on their website on January 1, so don’t forget to check that out!


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For our final designer, we have ABSTRACT By Jules. ABSTRACT is also a bit more popular, with over 16k fans on Instagram, but still a very creative style. There’s nothing imperfect about their super artistic hoodies – with some abstract patchwork on the front, and a message on the back to match the art (for example, “MUSIC TOUCHES THE SOUL”). So if art is something you want to wear, this is for you!

See something you liked? Have your own unique and stylish brand suggestions? Let us know what brands you’re repping this year in the comments below!