What are ten new cannabis strains to pair with some classic albums? Cannabis and music go together like peanut butter and jelly.

We do, after all, have cannabinoid receptors in our ears. When pairing cannabis and music, many of us experience a heightened awareness. Some of us become more emotionally connected with music.

Others may want to relax, enhance their mood, or increase their focus for a deeper immersion with song lyrics.

And so, we’ve compiled ten classic albums that require more than one listen to appreciate fully.

Although we have another four months in 2023, this year has seen some potent genetics hit the market. So, what are ten new strains to pair with some classic albums?

Ten New Strains To Pair with Classic Albums

Pancakes – MF DOOM’s MM.. FOOD

Ten New Strains To Pair with Classic Albums

There’s a solid case that MF DOOM’s best work is Madvillainy, his collaboration with Madlib.

But these aren’t the top ten be-all, end-all of classic albums. This list is merely a fraction of what’s out there. And so, when testing out Pancakes, we find it best to pair it with MF DOOM’s loose concept album, MM.. FOOD.

While DOOM raps about hoe cakes, you can enjoy the buttery smell of this new cannabis strain. Pancakes lives up to its name in both aroma and feeling. Like after a big pancake breakfast, you may find yourself melting into the couch.

So make sure you’ve got the album playing already. You don’t want to have to get up again. This strain’s effect lingers; by the time Mr. Fantastik appears for “Rap Snitches,” you’ll still be flying high. 

Strawberry Guava – Ween’s The Mollusk

You’d think with a name like Strawberry Guava, we’d recommend Ween’s first commercial album, Pure Guava. But everyone knows that’s one the worst in their entire catalogue. (Although “the worst” Ween album is still better than the best of most artists).

That said, for this new strain, we recommend Ween’s The Mollusk. The sweet strawberry aroma has hints of lime and kiwi, giving the strain a strong, citrus smell.

Combined with the sea shanties, psychedelic prog rock and dark nautical themes – you’ll feel the sea breeze against your face and the smell of salt in the air. 

Or that’s your ceiling fan, and the neighbor is cooking fish on the BBQ.

Either way, the album that inspired the TV show Spongebob Squarepants deserves a good cannabis pairing, and we can’t think of a better strain than 2023’s Strawberry Guava. 

Crazy Hazy – Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica 

You’ve got to be crazy to listen to Trout Mask Replica and enjoy it like one enjoys… well, literally any other type of music.

In the late 1960s, Captain Beefheart indoctrinated a group of young musicians to play the sounds in his head. He isolated them in a house where, under cult-like conditions, the band spent eight months rehearsing the double album.

Trout Mask is unlike anything else in the rock catalogue. Before or since. It’s like the blues have been ripped open, torn apart, and then put back together again.

In other words, what Ornette Coleman did to jazz, Captain Beefheart did to rock ‘n’ roll. So, for a Trout Mask pairing, you will want a heavy hitter. A strain made for medical cannabis patients, ideally. 

Crazy Hazy may be the best 2023 cannabis strain for this pairing. Its sweet lemon OG and pine flavor will anchor familiarity in the choppy waters of Beefheart’s avant-garde blues.

Ten New Strains To Pair with Classic Albums

 Pink Boost Goddess – Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Ten New Strains To Pair with Classic Albums

The Pink Boost Goddess is one of those strains high in rare cannabinoids (like THCV) without sacrificing terpene aroma. This creamy, herbal strawberry flavor strain is an Emerald Cup and California State Fair winner.

So why not pair it with Lauryn Hill’s debut solo album? Hill’s distinctive voice will guide you through a spectrum of emotions. It may feel like she’s speaking directly to you at one point.

If you like lyrical content that matters (as opposed to the surrealism of the last three entries on this list), then this is the album for you. Hill deals with love, self-discovery, relationships, and social issues with remarkable depth and vulnerability.

We can’t think of a better album to pair Pink Boost Goddess with than The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Element – Wu Tang’s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Ten New Strains To Pair with Classic Albums

If you had to pick a single hip-hop album of the 1990s (or even in the last 40 years), it’d be hard to pass this one up.

The Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album is a rollercoaster. Raw and gritty, the album explores inner-city life, street wisdom, and martial arts philosophy. It’s bold and authentic, setting the stage for future acts to follow in their footsteps.

For these reasons, we recommend pairing the album with Element. The California State Fair winner for total terpene content is also an Emerald Cup winner. Element has a flavor profile like dark berries and mint. It’s mentally stimulating and physically relaxing without leaving you couch-locked and comatose.

It’s the perfect strain to enter the 36 chambers with.

Ten New Strains To Pair with Classic Albums

Cereal Milk – Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti 

Again, this isn’t the top ten albums of all time. Many might argue that Led Zeppelin IV is the band’s best. But for a long-lasting and stimulating cannabis strain like Cereal Milk, we recommend the double album Physical Graffiti.

The first Zeppelin record to go platinum, this album contains “Kashmir,” a song nearly everyone recognizes. But more so, the album showcases the band’s range and innovation. The songs transition from hard-hitting classic rock anthems to introspective acoustic ballads.

A timeless classic, Physical Graffiti is best paired with Cereal Milk, a heavy-hitting flower that you’ll also want to grow. It produces massive colas in large quantities. 

Jealousy – Pink Floyd’s Animals 

Ten New Strains To Pair with Classic Albums

What better album to pair with the thought-provoking and relaxing strain Jealousy than Pink Floyd’s 1977 Animals

The strain will have you thinking deeply, but when paired with Animals, those thoughts may turn to societal constructs, climbing the corporate ladder, and the absurdity of human behavior. 

Inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm, you may even find yourself putting on the album, smoking that Jealously joint, and reading through Orwell’s masterpiece. 

The lyrics on Animals contain socio-political commentary that remains relevant today. Paired with Jealousy, and you’re ready for a revolution.

Ten New Strains To Pair with Classic Albums

Warp Speed – Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation to Hold Us Back

Warp Speed is a 2023 cannabis strain that produces one of those gassy and chemical-rich aromas but with a scent of sweet fruit. The result? A powerful, potent experience.

Now, which album could match that description? Why, it’s Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation to Hold Us Back, of course.

Like the paired cannabis strain, Nation redefines what’s possible. Like Pink Floyd’s Animals, by the end of this masterpiece, you’ll be ready for open rebellion.

But in the meantime, enjoy this classic hip-hop album that may sound dated by today’s standards but is still a ground-breaking piece of art that continues to inform and entertain.

Apple Fritter – GZA’s Liquid Swords 

Do you know those cannabis strains that make you feel uplifted and “in the zone” or some flow state? The genetics that are perfect for getting work done or cleaning the house? That’s what Apple Fritter is.

A combination of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, this strain is designed to energize and get you moving. That’s why we recommend GZA’s Liquid Swords.

Of course, one downside of this pairing is that if you’re using Apple Fritter to get some work done, you may find yourself stopping to listen.

GZA’s lyrics are razor-sharp. He can tell a story through metaphors and intricate narratives covering street life, philosophy, and personal struggle.

Liquid Swords embodies the Wu Tang’s intellectual approach to rap. GZA is in the zone for this entire album, making Apple Fritter a complementary companion if you follow along lyrically.

Word of warning, however, Apple Fritter creates mad munchies. Have some food close by.

Medusa F1 – Nirvana’s Nevermind 

Ten New Strains To Pair with Classic Albums

Nirvana’s Nevermind was released in 1991 and is a seismic moment in music, especially rock history. It ended the era of 80s hair metal and launched “grunge” into the mainstream. 

Kurt Cobain’s raw vocals combined with the slick production and catchy hooks make this album perfect for either background music (to get some work done) or as the focus of your attention.

That’s why we recommend Medusa F1, a hybrid of Sugar Magnolia and American Beauty. This well-balanced high won’t have you couch-locked, making it perfect for getting things done around the house. 

Throw on some Nirvana, and it’s a cannabis pairing that feels timeless. Even better, Medusa F1 contains a lot of CBG, as well as myrcene, ocimene, farnesene, and caryophyllene terpenes. These terps give the strain a peppery aroma with hints of fruits and berries. 

Ten New Strains To Pair with Classic Albums

As mentioned, these are only some of the top classic albums of all time. They are in no particular order.

But these are (in our opinion) the top ten best strains of 2023 (so far). Combined with some classic albums, it’s a slice of heaven on earth.

What is your favorite album to pair with cannabis? Do you have a preferred strain? Have you tried what 2023 has to offer? Let us know in the comments!