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Terrace Tuesday Live Stream

With coronavirus not allowing for breathtaking events Terrace Tuesday is here to change that with live streams and small private event that happens every Tuesday streaming on Twitch.tv and Youtube.com these live streams and events are a place that welcomes conversation.

Live Stream from 6-10 pm PST every Tuesday. 

Due to the current events with coronavirus not allowing for traditional breathtaking events and remarkable performances. 

This event is showcasing Vancouver‘s techno music scene, bring light onto the underground DJs of Vancouver.

Terrace Tuesday is here to change and evolve its music live streams, this will also include a small exclusive private event that happens every Tuesday, streaming to platforms such as Twitch.tv and Youtube.com. 

These live streams and events are a place that welcomes conversation surrounding the industry, conversations around passed and future events keeping in mind we are trying to keep it a positive a meaningful experience for all.

DJ’s This week.

DJ #1 Baba Mac @Mushfiquec

BabaMac is a DJ/Producer from Bangladesh residing in Vancouver, BC. With complete confidence that his melodious bumpy beats will get any crowd moving, he’s working on making his favourite genre reach the highest level

DJ #2 Jimi Smyth @JimiSmyth

With Beats that are bound to get you bumping, Jimi Smyth being a Dj at FOCUS Collective, Jimi is ready to take you to the techno realm this Tuesday on the patio join us to watch him get everyone moving.

DJ #3 Shane Patrick Riley @shanepatrickriley 

For as long as he can remember, he has been an avid music-maker and DJ, Shane Patrick Riley, has a restless creative mind that never settles. Taking influence from the sounds of Mark Knight, Jeremy Olander, Lane 8 and Deadmau5, his sound is continuously evolving.

Appreciating all kinds of music and collaborating with other artists, his multifaceted productions can range from upbeat vocal house to dark tech-house, or even jacking house if he’s in the mood. His Sheppard Records releases like “We Movin” and remixes of “All in” and “West Coast” have repetitively broken Beatport’s release charts in House, Future House and Jackin House sitting as high as #2

With every new track sounding better than the last, he is looking forward to the future in the studio and on stage.

DJ #4 Ketafere @Ketafere

As a talented DJ out of Vancouver, BC, Ketafere has established a well-known name for himself. 

From house parties of 10 to playing at Center Of Gravity, Ultra Europe and many more international & local shows, Ketafere isn’t stopping there. 

Summer of 2018 he was travelling around Europe doing a tech-house/techno tour, he is set for his fourth international gig in Asia and plans to keep rising with many unreleased shows and tracks under his belt.

His sets will have you bouncing through emotions and genres, taking you on a journey through sound.

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