Photo via Emily McKay

With so many different dispensaries and head shops, it’s a great time to be a cannabis consumer. Some stores can manage to stay competitive in today’s market, despite the legalities of selling cannabis changing what feels like daily. Alternative Greens was one of the first stores to open in Edmonton and have flexed and changed with the times.

Previously the shop had a customer appreciation day on Thursdays where you could get 15 percent off your purchase, as well as a late-night special. Today, they have a permanent 10 percent off due to the changes in legislation and have moved the accessories and snacks two doors down. The discount might draw some customers in, but the service and knowledge of the staff are what will keep you going back.

Locally owned and operated

Alternative Greens is different from the average chain store in everything from the atmosphere to entry. It feels almost like entering a speakeasy when going through the front door and wait for an employee t bring you into the main store. Restock day is Monday and is a great time to get in for the best selection. The shop is quite popular, so sometimes weekend pickings can be slim in the ounce area.

For those who like to have a wide range of products to choose from — look no further. Alternative Greens has enough stock to make anyone feel like a kid in a candy store. The shop is very proactive about new products, typically having them ready to go as soon as they are legally allowed to sell whatever it may be. Interestingly, some strains and companies have discounts — for example, buy one product get another product for a discount. It ends up being a great way to try out other products you may not have thought about getting before.

Photo via Emily McKay

Alternative Glass & Snacks

The newly opened accessories shop boasts a wide range of different bongs, papers, blunts containers and more. It’s a great place to pick up your papers, detox kits and snacks — a deadly combination! Full-size candy bars for regular pricing will make any stoner’s heart sing. The store currently has quality — albeit mass-produced — bongs, so it will be interesting to see what else they bring into the shop. 

It’s worth pointing out that even though most of the gear is available online, the in-store prices are better than you can find at different places online. I fell in love with the rolling tray selection personally. The wide variety and approachable price point make it hard not to impulse shop and go home with a new tray each visit. Living up to its sister shop’s reputation, this accessories shop again has well-versed staff who know what they are talking about and are passionate about the products they stock.

Photo via Alternative Glass and Snacks Facebook