General Knowledge Cannabis Crossword - Culture, Music and Movies

General Knowledge Cannabis Crossword — Culture, Music and Movies

Cannabis connoisseur or not, if you love weed, this game is meant for you. Some of you might find this difficult, while others will breeze right through it; regardless of how it goes, you are in for a good time. The only thing you need to beat this cannabis crossword is your stoner wits. You’ll find questions relating to cannabis culture, movies, music, and of course, the beautiful plant itself.

Usually, you get a link to the article and all the answers. Well, not this time. It’s not going to be that easy! You can find hints for some of the questions listed below the crossword. Other than that, you are on your own.

Cannabis Crossword Optional Level Up Challenge – Canna Boss Power Level

Feel like living dangerously? Level up and have a power session before you start the game. Test your skills at a higher level.

canna boss power

Follow the rules of the Canna Boss Power Level to maximize the experience:

Rule #1 – Do not read the questions before smoking weed. Do not give yourself the extra time to think and come up with answers.

Rule #2 – The cannabis crossword must be finished within twenty minutes. Either grab a timer or set one up on your phone but do not start it yet.

Rule #3 – Have a power session. A power session is not about smoking your face off or greening out, it’s about consuming cannabinoids in a quick and efficient manner.

How To Have A Power Session

  1. Roll a joint or prep your dab rig and/or bong.
  2. Smoke with purpose – Focus on hitting it hard and fast. Don’t dilly dally between tokes. Finish the joint or bowls within five to ten minutes.

As soon as you have completed your power session, start the timer because it’s game on. 

1. 710 is a stoners favorite number because it spells the word BLANK.
2. Some say its because the fruit looks a bit like a weed plant. Either way, Fluffy BLANK is an old term for weed. Starts with 'P'
3. Why 420? Thank a group of 70's college students known as the BLANKS They used to meet at 420 to get baked after school.
4. Bubble hash is made using a cold BLANK extraction.
5. A renowned cannabis user and activist, this famous stoner actor makes up half of a comedy duo. His full name is Thomas B. Kin BLANK
6. Canada legalized cannabis on BLANK 17, 2018.
7. THC stands for BLANK.
8. CBD stands for BLANK.
9. This famous folk singing stoner has been openly toking for decades. He has two long braids and his last name is BLANK.
10. A cast member of the show 'Friends', the actress has been a long time cannabis user and advocate. Her first name is BLANK.
cannabis crossword

Hints (Well, at least a few anyways…) to solve this cannabis crossword

1, To find out the word, write the number 710 on a piece of paper. Rotate the paper ninety degrees to reveal the answer to the first question. 

2, Think about other stoner movies that mention fruit in the title.

3, I lied. We do have an article that will give you this answer.

Thanks for playing! Stay tuned each week for a new cannabis crossword or wordsearch. And don’t forget to follow us @cannalifenet