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Finding the perfect edible: Interview with Products by SeC

CLN spoke to Holly, who’s in charge of brand image at Products by SeC, about their most popular gummies (which range in strength from 5 mg of THC to 400 mg), battling the stigma around edibles, the differences between the various types of edibles (ie. gummies, baked goods, and drinks), and their hopes for when edibles are finally legalized in 2019.

Also, check out the flowchart that Holly made for Products by SeC on finding your perfect edible below:

safety flow chart7 (1)

CLN: What inspired this flow chart?

Holly: The flow chart was inspired by the stigma that has always surrounded edibles. Safe consumption is important to us, and we’ve all heard of, or experienced, the classic bad edible high.

Even avid cannabis users will often have trouble dosing when it comes to edibles due to the fact that it’s a completely different ball game when compared to smokables. I wanted to create a simple tool that could help people feel out a dosage/edible product that works best for them, regardless of tolerance level or experience.

What is your position with the company?

I am in charge of the brand image of SeC. I design the packaging, website, and promotional materials, as well as create the content for our social media.

Where does the name “Products by SeC” come from?

SeC stands for ‘Solve et Coagula’, which is a Latin alchemy term meaning ‘dissolve and coagulate’.  This term holds meaning for our team on a number of different levels, but mainly because THC extracts are what we consider to be modern alchemy.

What is your most popular gummy?

All of our different gummies are actually pretty evenly sold, which has helped reassure us that the wide range of dosages we offer, from 5mg all the way up to 400mg, are all in pretty high demand.

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Why do you think the government is delaying legalization of edibles until 2019, and what will Products by SeC be doing in the meantime?

Edibles have a bad rap because as part of an illegal industry, there is no governing body for quality control.  There is no access to legitimate legal certification, and therefore no real repercussions for not meeting food-safety and dosage standards.

Since the cannabis industry is still in a relative state of transition from the ‘Wild West’ to legalization, we imagine (or hope) that the government is going to take this time to determine the best way to properly regulate the combination of food and cannabis.

When the time comes, we want our transition to be as smooth as possible, so in the meantime, we plan to continue to self-regulate as best we can through concentrate, microbial, and dosage testing to ensure that our clients feel safe and confident in our products.

Does the government differentiate between edibles– such as baked goods versus gummies- or treat all edibles the same?

To my knowledge, the government’s current legalization plan only focuses on flower, and any conversation about edibles is reserved for 2019 (though we would like to see it addressed sooner). However, I do believe the different types of edibles (gummies, baked goods, candies, teas etc.) and how/why they hit you differently is certainly something that should be addressed when the discussion happens.

According to the website, Products by Sec are only available at two dispensaries in the Metro Vancouver area. Are there any plans to expand?

Of course, we want to expand in the Vancouver area! We are always on the lookout for more local clients, but due to the regulations surrounding edibles, it has proven difficult for us to find storefront dispensaries willing to carry our gummy products.

Hopefully that will change soon, but for now, we do have a good list of online resellers that ship all over, which can be found on our website