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Everlasting Extracts on winning big at Dabadoo and the Spanish cannabis scene

CLN caught up with Joel from Everlasting Extracts to talk about their recent win at Dabadoo in Barcelona, how the Spanish cannabis scene compares to Canada, and Everlasting Extracts’ big plans for the future.

CLN: What do you do at Everlasting Extracts?

Joel: We are connoisseurs at heart who produce high-quality cannabis concentrates using various methods of extraction and techniques

What is Dabadoo and have you competed there before??

Dadadoo is a Cannabis Cup held in Barcelona the week before Spannabis, which is organized by local Hash Legend Mila Janssen in support of the local cannabis clubs. This was our second year attending the events in Barcelona, but our first year entering.

Which category did you enter and how did you place?

We entered in the Solvents extracts category and were able to place 3rd out of 20.

Why did you enter the product you did?

We entered a collaboration with The House Of The Great Gardener, which was an Orange Barbara live resin (Tangie X Barbara bud) because we really felt the Sweet Orange terp profile mixed with an already favored Barbara bud would give our entry an advantage in the competition.

How many solvents does Everlasting Extracts have and what are some of your most popular?

Currently, we are producing shatter, wax/crumbles, live resins and HCHTFSE Diamonds. Our live resins have been the most popular, but our new Diamond tech really seems to be getting a lot of interest too.

How does the Spanish cannabis scene compare to Canada’s?

The scene seems to be very much similar yet also different in so many ways- the biggest similarity is that everyone has a great love for cannabis and the work they do with it.

The social clubs are a lot more discreet in the streets of Barcelona and the rules are a lot different than BC, that’s for sure. Also, they have a very different approach to retail and consumption compared to Canada- here in Barcelona, all the clubs are dispensaries and lounges rolled into one.

This is something we could spend hours discussing but I think it’s something best experienced than read about, so to anyone reading this, I highly recommend you plan a trip to Spain and check it out!

What can we look forward to from Everlasting Extracts in the future?

We are looking to expand our interests into high-end genetics and breeding while continuing to expand our knowledge and experience in extracting. 2018 is going to be very exciting for Canadian Craft Cannabis and we are looking forward to bringing you the best products on the market.