Les Quatre Vins wins big at Spannabis-Barcelona 2018

Terpene-infused wine-maker heralded at one of Europe’s biggest cannabis events

Barcelona, Mar. 11, 2018 — Les Quatre Vins went to Spannabis 2018 to launch their line of terpene-infused wines and compete for Best New Product. Les Quatre Vins generated a ton of interest which culminated in winning the prized Spannabis title.

Les Quatre Vins’ drinks can (and will) be sold all across Europe and the world because they only contain terpenes, the aromatic oils that give cannabis its signature scent, which means you get the delicate yet full-bodied flavours of the terpenes mixing with wine- without the high.

Les Quatre Vins’ patented extraction methods were developed by Enrico Bouchard and Alan Jaremowich, and this is Enrico’s second win at Spannabis- he previously won “Best New Paraphernalia Product” in 2015 for the Sublimator.

As Enrico said, “There’s so many possibilities for flavours. The sky’s the limit, and we want to bring people the creme de la creme.”

“Les Quatre Vins is a high class product that is for everybody with a bit of bank. From the 19 year-old trust fund kid to the 70 year-old aficionado, to the 25 year-old baller who just landed his first deal getting bottle service at the club- we fit it all,” said Chief Executive of Aromatics Al Jaremowich.

les quatre vins