Karma Cup highlights with Craig Ex

The 4th annual Karma Cup happened Sept.9-10, 2017 and it was an amazing time, as usual. We have the highlights from that cannabis-packed weekend with our friend Craig Ex, who was pulling double duty as a Karma Cup judge.

Check out the video with Craig Ex reporting from the hazy grounds of the Karma Cup in Toronto as he goes through a who’s-who of the cannabis community. Watch as Craig chats with Erin and Chris from Cannabis Culture about their court case and bail, Amy Anonymous from Swearnet, the guys from Glacial Gold, the Thompson Caribou Concentrates “Squad!”, and of course, the organizer behind it all, Sarah Sunday, amidst all the edibles, glass-blowing, and cannabis you can handle.

During the Karma Cup, the Ontario government’s recent announcement of its LCBO-controlled cannabis model was on a lot of people’s minds. As the team from Dankr told Craig Ex, “They just want their own monopoly”. But in spite of the government’s plans that threatened to kill the buzz for all the people who helped make the industry what it is today, the Karma Cup was a chance for the cannabis community to come together and show some love.

The Karma Cup was two days full of dabs and doobs, and we can’t wait for next year.

For the full winners list, click here.