karma cup

Announcing the winners of the 4th annual Karma Cup

Photo Credit: alexmtl

The Karma Cup competition has just come to a close, and we have the winners of all 15 categories below. Congratulations to everyone who made the list!

From the judge’s table

Our friend Craig Ex, the expert from Expert Joints, had a wild 2 days at the Karma Cup. As a judge, Craig had only 10 days to judge over 100 samples, but the judges who purchased their kits got 3 weeks. Although the extra time would have been nice, he was up for the challenge. 

Judging a cannabis cup mught sound like a dream come true, but Craig said that, “A lot of people couldn’t get through the amount of weed you have to get through in the amount of time you have to do it. It’s tough and not for the faint of heart. Like if you’re going through 25-30 edibles in 10 days, how do you tell which ones got you high?”

Craig continues, “I enjoy it but when it gets to the point where you’re force-feeding yourself, it’s tough, and when you’re judging CBD’s and topicals you need to give them time to actually work.”

Although unfortunately, the quality isn’t always there.

“Sometimes, not everything is at the same level”, says Craig, “I have a bud cam, a close-up cam, and I put all my concentrates under it first, and I often see more particulate in it than I would like- sometimes I see hair, dust, or bubbles.”

A chat with Everlasting Extracts

We talked to Joel from Everlasting Extracts, who was celebrating a 2nd place finish in the Live Resin category with their Blue Dream.

“With the Blue Dream, we were pretty confident with it because we had done a test run with 11 different strains of live resin, and out of the 11 we got it down to either the Pink Kush or Blue Dream. We had a bunch of people come over and try them, narrowed it down, and ended up picking the Blue Dream for the overall look and taste.”

You could tell he was in a great mood as he was already testing out the Karma Cup trophy– which is a fully-functional glass cup!

karma cup trophyStill going strong

After the drama of last year, where the venue pulled out days before the Karma Cup was scheduled to start, the organizers kept the location close to the chest, announcing the day before the cup where it was to be held- 512 Church St., Toronto.

Thankfully, it went off without a hitch, and it was a historic weekend for two reasons:

  1. The Government of Ontario just announced the creation of a cannabis control board on Sept. 9
  2. This may be the last Karma Cup where cannabis is still illegal in Canada

The Winners

Functional Glass 

  1. Tropical Iceberg Glass [Entry #6]
  2. Goolen Glass [Entry #13]
  3. J. Honey Glass [Entry #12 ]



  1. Remo Kemo Kush by Phat Pharms [Entry #7]
  2. Ultra Banana by 91 Supreme [Entry #5]
  3.  Meat Breath by Teemu-2 Dope Boyz [Entry #1]


  1. Gorilla Glue #4 from Teemu-2 Dope Boyz [Entry #2]
  2. Locktite Pheno 777 (GG4 X Mt. Rainier) from Dirty Dave LTD. [Entry #4]
  3.  Purple God Green Crack from Seven Star [Entry #8]


  1. Kandy (Trainwreck Pheno) from Phat Pharms [Entry #5 ]
  2. Them Valley Cookies from Phat Pharms [Entry #4]
  3. Sativa Y from Thompson Caribou [Entry #2]



  1. Sour Bubba from Thomson Caribou[Entry #1]
  2. Organic MK Ultra from Honey Badger Extracts [Entry #2]
  3. Tuna from Diamond Concentrates [Entry #5]


  1. Orange Crush from Glacial Gold [Entry #1]
  2. Scout Master from Diamond Concentrates [Entry #8]
  3. Gorilla Glue from Seven Star [Entry #12]


  1. Frankies Incense Haze from Honey Badger Extracts [Entry #2]
  2. Lemon Haze from Hidden Valley Reserve [Entry #6]
  3. Thai Lights from Thompson Caribou [Entry #1]



  1. Recover from Bare Coconut [Entry #4]
  2. Fresh Balsam from Dr. Errl Extracts [Entry #6]
  3. Magik from Bare Coconut [Entry #5 ]

CBD Concentrates:

  1. CBD Isolate from Miss Envy Botanicals [Entry #4]
  2. Terp Sauce CBD Syringe from Miss Envy Botanicals [Entry #3]
  3. ACDC CBD Isolate from Pharma Bee [Entry #2]

Budder/Live Resin:

  1. Scout Master from Diamond Concentrates [Entry #5]
  2. Dream from Everlasting Extracts [Entry #1]
  3. Rock Star from Diamond Concentrates [Entry #4]


  1. Ghost Train Haze / Shaved Ice from Teemu – Two Dope Boys – Unlicensed Producer [Entry #5]
  2. Headband Kush from Kind Selections [Entry #9]
  3. Super Silver Haze from Gold Star Rosin [Entry #10]



  1. Blazed Salted Caramel Biscotti from Cannabiscotti [Entry #2 ]
  2. Thunder Bar – Light from Tribal Delights [Entry #2]
  3. Peppermint Truffle from Budderfly [Entry #1]

Concentrate Edibles:

  1. White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup from Sweet Janes Edibles [Entry #22]
  2. Magic Cookie Cups from Healing Garden [Entry #2]
  3. Sprinkle Donut X Fruity Pebbles Cereal Bar from Hamm’s Hash [Entry #1]

Terp Enhanced

  1. THC Distillate with Pink Terpenes from High Grade Extracts [Entry #1]
  2.  CBD Isolate + Strawanna Terp from Seven Star [Entry #3]
  3. Pink Kush Terp Rosin with Single Source Pink Kush Cannabis Terpenes from High Grade Extracts [Entry #2]

Vape Pens

  1. G Juice [Entry #5 ]
  2. Pure Distillate Vape Cartridge from High Grade Extractions [Entry #4]
  3. Pure710 Extreme from Pure 710 [Entry #3]