420 Vancouver
420 Vancouver 2018 High-lights

Join Craig Ex of “Expert Joints” and “Da Weed King” Freddie Pritchard as they explore all that was 420 Vancouver 2018 at beautiful Sunset Beach.

Watch as Craig and Freddie make their ways through the crowds and haze, stopping along the way to visit and say hi to all of their canna-family and friends. Craig gets in on the action early and checks out the booths while there’s still room to move, saying “what’s up” to the Thompson Caribou Concentrates squad, the bearded one behind RedBeard Glass, Joel from Everlasting Extracts, and Diana from MOTA Cannabis.

Craig also says hi to Jayda, the wonderful little girl fighting a rare and incurable brain disease who was selling her famous juice to raise money and awareness for Vanishing White Matter Disease. Freddie talks to festival organizers and the beautiful, stoned, and happy ladies at Phyto Extractions and it’s great because they’re all on the same level.

Craig joins the cast from “Bud Empire” to talk about the upcoming world premiere of their new series on Tuesday, Jun. 5 at 10 pm PT/ET on Canada’s History Channel. Read more and see the full clip of the interview here and make sure to check out the trailer.

Make sure to check out Craig’s interview with the Princess of Pot herself, Jodie Emery, and 420 Vancouver organizer Dana Larsen, and so much more!

Get your full 420 fill and catch the exclusive 6+ hours of 420 Vancouver 2018, including headliner E40, the legendary Bay Area rapper, killing it on stage.