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Kelowna, Canada - Unit Stills/Gallery for Screen Siren Films' documentary production, featuring Okanagan Compassion Club and the Be Kind Dispensary clan.

Canadian cannabis docu-series “Bud Empire” announces Debut on History Channel

In BC’s fertile Okanagan Valley, famous for its wines and orchards, Bud Empire star Bob Kay grows something a little greener.

Bud Empire centers around Bob, the owner of Be Kind and the Okanagan Compassion Club, as he fights for his businesses’ right to exist as Canadian cannabis transitions from the underground to the mainstream, while at the same time looking at franchising to transform his two dispensaries into a Canada-wide empire

Bud Empire premieres Tuesday, Jun. 5 at 10 pm PT/ET on Canada’s History Channel, and it’s literally history in the making as Bud Empire premieres mere days before the Cannabis Act’s final vote in the Senate!

As Bob plainly states in the series trailer, “Am I breaking the law for assisting and helping people? Yup. I am. At any moment, I could get arrested and go to jail.”

Narrated by MadTv’s Will Sasso, Bud Empire is a journey through a billion dollar industry, with everything from hidden grow-ops, cash, and bulletproof houses.

Make sure to check out CLN’s exclusive interview with Bob Kay and Joe Le at the Cannabis Life Lounge at 420 Vancouver. Joe Le, who works with Bob on Bud Empire, owns S.W.E.D. (which stands for Smoke Weed Every Day), a Vancouver dispensary.  

In the interview with Craig Ex, Bob talks about being the first to open a dispensary under RCMP jurisdiction and Joe speaks on his zoning battles with the City of Vancouver and how hard it is opening up a dispensary on Robson St.

Lisa Godfrey, Corus’ VP of Original Content, calls Bud Empire, “an original, history-in-the-making series and we are keen to bring viewers a distinctly Canadian perspective on the big business and bold players behind this topical movement.”

Behind the scenes

Bud Empire, formerly known as Bud Dynasty, is produced by Corus Entertainment, the Canadian media and broadcasting giant that owns Global TV, and it has already been getting some huge buzz.

For more information, see the press release here.

Featured image courtesy of Eye on Canada.