Craig Ex interviews the Hempire team and appears in-game!

Hempire is quickly becoming one of the biggest cannabis-related mobile games in the world, and it recently celebrated its one-year anniversary on 420 with over 5 million installs, and that number keeps growing at a rate of 20-30k per day!

Hailed as one of the most realistic canna-business simulators available, you can get Hempire on iOS and Android.

Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints reviewed the game with the Hempire team on his show recently, and in addition to some gameplay, the team gives you some tips on how to grow the best cannabis out there.

The things you can do on Hempire is a big stand out- you can grow some of the most famous strains like Northern Lights and Hindu Kush, create completely new strains, make extracts, bake edibles, makes tons of money, and even develop your city- you might even learn a little about actual cannabis growing on the way!

There’s also a multiplayer competition called the “Hempire Cup”, and you can enter your strains for a chance to win and score some major bragging rights.

The Hempire team tell Craig about how they built the “ultimate weed growing game”, the story behind it, and bringing a huge community of cannabis enthusiasts together while they show off a few new features, and Craig gives them a couple Expert tips on what they can add to make Hempire even better!

And if you haven’t seen him, Craig actually appears in the game! Check out the Expert of Expert Joints himself on the billboards!

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Featured image courtesy of Unli Resources.