80-Year-Old Man Facing Sentencing For Multi-State Cannabis Operation

Marshall Dion is an 80 year-old man who faces sentencing for a multi-state cannabis trafficking operation he ran. He entered a plea agreement which calls for seven years in prison.

The sentencing had been postponed due to the fact that the prosecutors sought only seven years when the federal guidelines call for a 30 year jail sentence in this type of situation. The reason for the lesser sentence is likely that a 30 year term for an 80 year old prisoner would be the equivalent of a death sentence.

Dion was stopped by police in Kansas in 2013, where they then found $828,000 in cash in his old pickup truck. This started a federal investigation which led to Massachusetts and Arizona where authorities found $15 million in cash, 400 pounds of cannabis, and ledgers of his selling operation going all the way back to 1992.

One of his previous adventures supposedly involved him surviving a plane crash, while thousands of dollars floated around the smokey air as he was crawling away from the plane wreckage.