NFL Players Hoping For Research On Cannabis For Brain Injuries

More and more types of people are starting to use cannabis medically, such as veterans suffering from PTSD and in this case, a former NFL player. Jim McMahon is a former quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and he has discovered the benefits of medical cannabis.

There are former players who believe that CBD can be very beneficial to people with traumatic brain injuries such as athletes who have the degenerative disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which comes from repeated concussions during a player’s careers.

10-year NFL veteran Jake Plummer says that “I don’t think any of us regret what we did. But there’s no question it comes at a real cost.”

A public-service campaign called “When The Bright Lights Fade” included an appearance by Plummer, which was recently released in order to support National Brain Injury Awareness Month. The campaign also had the goal of raising $100,000 to help fund a future study at John Hopkins that will test if cannabis is effective at treating traumatic brain injuries.

According to Plummer, “I’ve had friends, guys I played alongside, whose mood changed from night to day. I know others who’ve replaced hellacious amounts of painkillers with CBD … and I hope this gets even more guys involved. The bigger the number, the better chance we have to get in front of (NFL commissioner) Roger Goodell and say, ‘You need to fund this.’ Not just for football players, but for the millions of others it could help.”

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