94 Pounds of Cannabis Seized Coming Across US Southern Border

U.S Customs and Border Protection officers recently seized a large amount of cannabis at Presidio Port, roughly 94 pounds in total was collected. CBP officers had scanned the vehicle with an x-ray system and spotted several anomalies which they investigated with the help of a canine handler. It is alleged that at least 90 bundles were found as a result and the officers then took custody of the driver and the property.

The driver was turned over to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) HSI agents and he is going to inevitably face drug smuggling charges. “This interdiction demonstrates how CBP relies on their canine partners in removing drugs from the streets of our communities… This noteworthy seizure highlights CBP’s determination to serve this nation in protecting our homeland,” said CBP Presidio Port Director John Deputy.

While many agents remain dedicated to the war on drugs, there are others who have established organizations to promote an end to the endeavor; asserting that it’s a waste of resources and ineffective. One of the more prominent, the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, is just one of the organizations of a number of criminal justice professionals that are dedicated to promoting an end to what they believe is an unjust war on drugs.