Montel Williams Detained Over Cannabis At German Airport

Cannabis legalization has been growing throughout the world, but one area that has always been problematic for cannabis users are airports. We previously featured an article titled “Tips for flying with medical cannabis” due to the difficulties many medical patients found themselves in when they are traveling. Now the news has broken of popular talk show host Montel Williams, who was recently detained at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany after he was caught having medical cannabis on him.

Williams had packed the medical cannabis as treatment for his multiple sclerosis and the airport customs agents had held him for less than an hour in order to investigate the situation. Williams had to have documented proof sent over in order to verify that he did have a prescription for the cannabis treatment. Williams has long been an outspoken advocate for cannabis and back in 1999 he was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease; for which he had been misdiagnosed for many years. Williams has spoken about trying to overcome his illness and stated that his disease is not going to stop him.

Like many who suffer from autoimmune diseases, Williams has been able to find help and treatment by turning to cannabis in order to heal his pain and seek an improved standard of living for himself.

While most airports don’t allow cannabis, one exception is Jamaica, where the government is planning to install cannabis vending machines at their airports.