Jamaica Looking To Offer Cannabis Vending Machines At Airports

The Jamaican government is planning on installing cannabis vending machines at its airports and in other transportation hubs. The cannabis “ATMs” are set to open sometime in the near future and they will no-doubt be successful in cashing-in on the cannabis tourist trade. Cannabis was decriminalized back in 2015, in amounts that are 2 ounces or under, and now they’re looking to make more money from the cannabis market.

Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) said that the plan was to provide the cannabis for people who primarily have a prescription and are using it for medical purposes. For those who don’t have the right medical documents however, they have the option to “self-declare” and go with the 2 ounce limit for themselves. Anyone who wants to “self-declare” need only pick up a permit at the airport and they will then be able to make a purchase from the machines before they leave the airport; after they are through customs.

It is expected that the kiosks at the airport are going to be manned by people who have medical training and once a traveler is passed customs, they will then be able to go up to the desk and register, receive clearance, and then make their purchase. This should help to do a lot in boosting revenue for tourism, for the country which annually draws in millions of visitors every year.