Cannabis Day in Vancouver Recap: CLN Live

Link to full video:

CLN’s Caleb McMillan hosted the Cannabis Day broadcast at the Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver. Caleb is a staff writer for CLN and a prolific blogger who focuses on the political economy of the Canadian cannabis world. Be sure to check out his new show that will be airing soon here on CLN, “The Hotbox With Caleb McMillan”. This show will feature guests from the industry and community asking the hard questions.

-Next up on the broadcast was Dana Larsen, who is a popular author and cannabis activist. His last book was titled “Cannabis in Canada” and we recently made headlines for his cross-country cannabis tour where he gave away free seeds and ended up getting arrested in Alberta along the way.

-J Mac was the next guest to join the broadcast and tell us his thoughts.

-Chad Jackett was the next guest for the day. Chad is an award winning cannabis grower and head of Cannabis Growers of Canada.

-Anise Warner stopped by, she is from Mary J’s Edible Medibles. They specialize in providing cannabis infused baked goods to MMPR, MMAR, and dispensaries across the nation.

-CLN’s in house photographer Martin Szabo took a lot of pictures at this event, and they will all be ready to view soon at this location. Check out the quality pictures taken at this year’s 420 event in Vancouver to see the kind of work Martin does, brought to you by Candid Cannabis.

Be sure to check back soon for our video recap of this event, as well as other new shows and live-streamed cannabis events here at Cannabis Life Network.