Cannabis day is almost here and there are many different ways to celebrate it. You don’t have to do much to participate in the festivities, It’s just about rejoicing with Canadian cannabis. So how exactly does one go about said task? Easy! Grab your favorite strains and get happy! Need more ideas? No problemo. Here are some ways to help you celebrate and a Cannabis Day Wordsearch to spark up your spirit!

Get outrageously stoned with your favorite local cannabis products

Celebrate Canadian cannabis by shopping locally and treating yourself. This is the time to splurge on the good stuff so that you truly savor the experience. After all, nothing makes you perk up and be present like a tasty, smooth bud to smoke; plus, there is a strong link between memory and scent. If you set yourself up for a good day with a dank kush, you’re likely to remember it when you re-encounter the scent. 

cannabis day wordsearch

Plan an epic session to celebrate Cannabis Day

To complete the perfect Cannabis Day, you have to have an epic session. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation and everyone is different, so, figure out what you love about smoking weed

If you love how it makes you feel physically:

  • Make sure you are in a comfortable environment like a home or a beautiful spot in nature.
  • Put in the effort to provide yourself with a cozy spot to sit.
  • Favor a comfy outfit over fashionable discomfort. Save the high heels for another day.

If you’re all about the mental effects:

Take the time to prepare your entertainment because stoners can get stuck when there are too many options. Avoid falling into the fear of a better option trap by making a plan. 

  • Pick out some movies ahead of time.
  • Music can make or break your energy so set yourself up for a good time and make a playlist.

However you spend your day, as long as you’re smoking your favorite local buds in a place that makes you happy, you are successfully celebrating Cannabis Day. In honor of the festivities, we thought we’d help get you in the spirit with a Cannabis Day Wordsearch. 

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On behalf of everyone at the Cannabis Life Network, we would like to wish you a very Happy Cannabis Day!