Cannabis Day 2017
Image from Cannabis Day in Vancouver

Canna-dians celebrate Canada and Cannabis Day July 1st

July 1st, 2017 was a huge day for Canada- not only was it Canada’s 150th birthday, it was the 22nd annual Cannabis Day- bringing Canna-dians across the country together to celebrate.

This Cannabis Day was historic for two reasons- one, it was held for the first time at Thornton Park, and two, it will be the last Cannabis Day where cannabis is illegal (assuming all goes to plan!).

Whatever reason brought you to Cannabis Day, whether it was its famous Farmer’s Market, the live bands, or the array of speakers including Jodie Emery, Dana Larsen, and Freddie Pritchard, it was a day of joy and joints for all.

Thornton Park gave attendees more room to breathe (and smoke!) than the Vancouver Art Gallery which was Cannabis Day’s previous home for over two decades. Craig Ex, from Expert Joints, was broadcasting live for Pot TV and said that “Thornton Park was leaps and bounds better than the Art Gallery”, describing the overall vibe as “extremely positive”. That was great news, considering the drama of the past two years which has included arrests and an attempted takeover by a rival group.

Dana Larsen, one of the featured speakers and co-organizers, said that “Cannabis Day is a nice alternative to many booze-fests also happening on Canada Day”, and when you looked around the large crowd of relaxed and peaceful chronnoiseurs, you couldn’t help but agree.