Advocate Is Teaching Seniors About Medical Cannabis

The older generations are notoriously more resistant to the idea of using cannabis, but medical cannabis advocate Steven Stairs is now making an effort to change that. Steven has been telling people about medical cannabis for several years, but currently he is targeting a different audience.

Stairs says that “It’s definitely reaching a different demographic of seniors; that is much more unexpected than I ever thought it would be. I tell seniors that doctors used to give me time frames for how long I would have vision. When I was 16, they said I’d be blind by 40. Then at 20, I’d be blind by 30 and since I started using medical marijuana they don’t give me a time frame anymore.”

He has been speaking at assisted living centres and sharing information with seniors who are curious about medical cannabis. Myrene Hodgson is one senior who is having second thoughts on cannabis use after having a negative view of it for her whole life. She comments that “I thought, ‘Too bad so sad’ for the people who think they have to have it. But now I’d definitely like to know more about it because it’s ‘the thing’ right now.”

The fact that Stairs is seeing an interest from seniors shows that cannabis, especially as a medicine, is slowly becoming more mainstream all the time.