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Seven Vancouver Medical Dispensaries Receive Development Permits

UPDATE: Since publishing this article, one more dispensary, Eden Medicinal at 3439 Kingsway, has received a development permit from the city. 

Six Vancouver medical cannabis dispensaries are one step closer to obtaining a business permit from the city after receiving a development permit.

MPN Health Society (1316 Kingsway), BC Pain Society (2894 E Broadway), Ganta Group (1193 Main St), Buddha Barn (2179 W 4th Av), Wealth Shop Society (#104 – 4545 W 10th Av) and The Healing Center (6416 Main St) have all received the necessary permits before qualifying for final license approval.

Vancouver corporate communications spokesperson Jag Sandhu said the six, previously listed on the city’s development application page, have now proceeded to the next part of the process.

“Once a Development Permit is approved, the application will move into the final stage of City approval: obtaining a Business Licence,” Sandhu wrote in an email. “The City’s licensing process includes background checks for applicants and staff and verification of credentials for health practitioners at compassion clubs. Business License applicants must also comply with all other City regulations including the Health Bylaw, Fire Bylaw and Building Bylaw.”

The development permits contain conditional items for each of the six operations that will determine the approval of the permit around advertising and display of products.

“No banners, flags, string lighting or similar means of advertising and display shall be permitted at any time,” the approval letters read. “No translucent or opaque film, artwork, posters, shelving, display cases or similar elements are to be installed on or directly outside or inside of the approved glazing frontages and windows.”

The approvals are valid for one year after notification, dispensaries need to obtain a business license within that time or will have to reapply.

The development approval notifications distributed to the community note that, due to a Supreme Court ruling, the city is not able to hear appeals from third-parties that would like the approvals overturned.

There are currently 11 other applications that have moved past the first stage in the city’s licensing process that have yet to receive a development permit.