All About Cannabis Diamonds And How To Make Them

Cannabis diamonds are the most dazzling and potent concentrate. These diamonds are almost 99 percent THCA and the rest is made up of terpenes and other cannabinoids. They are rare and have only been making more of an appearance for a few years. Cannabis diamonds are crystalline versions of isolated THCA, although in some cases they can be made out of CBDA. These gems are not only a treat for the eyes, they are rare and expensive, but also highly potent, typically containing 99 percent THC or CBD.

THCA is the natural root form of THC. It will not get you high, instead require heat to turn into a THC molecule which is why you smoke or vape. From a medical standpoint, THCA is a good choice in which you can still use to serve as a stress and pain-relieving remedy without giving the stoned sensation as the THC.

How are the Diamonds Made?

To make cannabis diamonds, the THCA must be gathered from a fresh marijuana plant, beginning with a low-temperature solvent-based extraction, very similar to the technique used to create hash oil, then chemical treatments attempt to strip as much plant material as possible out of the product. the final solution is placed into a sealed vacuum environment for a minimum of several weeks. Here, the THCA crystals finally separate from the terpenes, growing into a crystalline form under intense pressure. The diamonds can be sold as-is, or mixed back in with the extracted terpenes, referred to as “sauce.” and sold that way.

The average strength of cannabis flowers is at 25 percent THC, while concentrates are usually around 70 to 90 percent THC. So at 100 percent, diamonds are best to mix with other less potent flowers, instead of smoking it pure. Just like any other cannabis strain differs from another in regards to potency, if you are not a veteran smoker, cannabis diamonds might be above your tolerance level. The coarse and granular texture might resemble other hard drugs but the results are nothing like that. A good method is to crush up your diamond and sprinkle it into your bud in a pipe and smoke it that way. For the best result, avoid the diamonds coming into contact with the flame, so layer the powdered diamond underneath the surface of the weed.

Vaporizing is always the healthiest and most effective way to enjoy your cannabis and you can enjoy this method with cannabis diamonds as well. They can also be dabbed, but because of their potency, it’s not recommended if you are just starting out as a user. Eating your diamonds is similar to the effect of edibles and you would feel the effects but more similar to what you would with CBD. Because the diamonds can’t handle high heat, baking or cooking anything is not recommended.

The only downside to cannabis diamonds is that making them is much more complicated than other kinds of concentrates, so only a few manufacturers have been able to successfully replicate it. This is why most cannabis diamonds are expensive but if you manage to come across them, they are well worth it! If you are a keener you could try to manipulate them yourself. THCA diamonds start with live resin, always. So the trick to making your own cannabis diamonds at home is simply to start with a live resin product or hash oil and let it sit at room temperature for however long it takes before you see crystals (often referred to as “sugar”) forming in the solution. Good luck and let us know in the comments if you have had success.