Anxiety and Tears as Compassion Club Reopens

The doors reopened at the Saskatchewan Compassion Club today, with owner Mark Hauk trying to comfort distraught patients who can no longer get their medicine.

“These are very emotional times, patients are coming to the club in tears,” Hauk told Cannabis in Canada, fighting back tears of his own. “I had one woman in her late 60s call who was excited that she finally got her prescription, and I had to tell her the news.”

The news is the club is no longer providing cannabis after a police raid last week that resulted in property seized and a night in jail for Hauk and three others, who are all facing charges.

Hauk is confused about the timing and necessity of the raid, saying he has been open and honest about his operation, and has been trying to work with city officials and police to prove he is helping people.

“Councillors have thanked me for what I do in the community,” Hauk said. “Jail is for people that hurt other people, and we’re doing the opposite.”

A video shows Hauk demanding answers from Saskatoon mayor Don Atchison over the weekend.

There is support coming from compassion club members and the public, with people dropping by today with coffee and food, while someone donated computers to replace the ones seized by police.

Hauk says he plans to fight the charges against him and his colleagues, and hopes to return to regular operations as soon as possible.

In the meantime the club will focus on helping patients get access to the medicine they need.

“We are referring them to groups in BC,” Hauk said. “We’re just trying to find answers for these poor people.”