Saskatoon Dispensary to Reopen After Being Raided

The owner of the raided Saskatchewan Compassion Club promised to reopen today, but without access to cannabis.

Mark Hauk spent Thursday night behind bars before being released on $1,000 bail Friday morning after facing drug trafficking charges before a judge at Provincial Court.

Despite having to end the cannabis dispensary aspect of the business, Hauk said he’ll still be able to provide “advice to patients in any way that they need it.”

On Oct. 31, around 75 people joined Hauk at a protest outside the Saskatoon police headquarters. Hauk said the compassion club has over 600 members.

“To be there and do advocacy work, it’s not a breach of conditions, it’s not against the law. And it’s work that needs to be done,” Hauk said. “There’s a lot of work for us to do there outside of us dispensing medicine, and I’m happy to be back there Monday doing that.”

On Oct. 29, Hauk said his operation was raided by 10 Saskatoon police officers, who arrested and charged himself and three others employees. Police also confiscated computers, Hauk’s phone and cannabis.

“They are marijuana trafficking, so they are drug traffickers,” said Det. Insp. Dave Haye the day of the arrests.