How to get your Cannabis and Cannabis products tested in a lab

Because of pressure from the public, the government has allowed individuals who possess a current ACMPR to send samples into laboratories for testing! Previously, the law stated that all illegal substances tested could only be done so if they were sourced from a government agency. However, the public debate about contaminants and potency of dispensary cannabis prompted a need for access to testing so in 2016, the laws changed…

What this means…

If you purchase cannabis or cannabis products for personal use:

You can send in a sample to any medical labratory for full testing! This service will give a breakdown of the entire content of that product including cannabinoid profiles; for certain conditions, this will be invaluable. If you have ever wondered about the quality of the shatter you vape or what is the cannabinoid profile of that strain that works so well, you can access that information. Plus, you will never have to wonder how strong or safe your products are again!

If you produce or sell cannabis or cannabis products:
You can have everything tested in a medical lab and get printed results breaking down everything in your product!

What you need to do:

If you do not have your own personal ACMPR, have a patient of yours who does have a current ACMPR register with the Lab. Samples can be sent under the registered name and will be sent back with a full scope of test results.

While the current laws may protect the rights of an individual to test their personal medicine and a government Licensed Producer may also do so, dispensaries are still not given access. Furthermore, they are falsely villainized for having untested products, despite the fact that many dispensaries have put themselves at great risk to find ways to have lab analysis.

Chances are, both you or the ACMPR patient will likely sample the product being tested; the fact that it is also being produced or sold to others is redundant. Therefore, using a personal ACMPR for dispensary testing is one of those little loopholes that you can use and feel good about.