Ottawa Police Give Statement on Dispensary Raids

Ottawa police have released additional details surrounding raids at a number of cannabis dispensaries in the city.

A police statement lists seven dispensary locations where search warrants were executed over Nov. 3 and 4:

  • 290 Montreal Road (Green Tree Medical Dispensary)
  • 352 Preston Street (Green Tree Medical Dispensary)
  • 256 Bank Street (Green Tree Medical Dispensary)
  • 358 Rideau Street (WeeMedical dispensary)
  • 293 St Laurent Blvd (WeeMedical dispensary)
  • 2288 St Joseph Blvd (CannaGreen)
  • 33 Roydon Place (Cannagreen) *This location was targeted Nov. 3

Police announced that they had seized “Marihuana, Hashish, Hash Oil, THC Concentrate (“Shatter”), Edibles in various forms including cookies and other baked goods, soft drinks, Cash and Documentary evidence.”

Nine people have been arrested and are facing charges including possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime.

“We take community complaints regarding criminal activities seriously and have been conducting investigations on these locations for an extended period of time,” said Ottawa Drug Unit staff sergeant Rick Carey. “The reality is that each of these warrants requires a great deal of time and resources. We will continue to investigate dispensaries as complaints come forward.”

Ottawa Police stated that they had been working closely with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, the office responsible for prosecuting drug crimes, on dispensary issues since the ACMPR system came into effect in August.

“That includes staff involved with implementing national strategies surrounding any future changes to laws involving marihuana (personal or medicinal),” the statement read. “Anyone with information regarding drug complaints is encouraged to contact the Ottawa Police.”