Are Women Who Smoke Unattractive?

Are Women Who Smoke “Too Much” Unattractive?

While listening to an episode of the podcast Marijuanera, host Mala Munoz asked her listeners: “You ever been on a date with a guy who says they’re gonna smoke you out but then you find out they’re only one-hit wonders?”

After I finished laughing, something clicked. Although her words were indeed hilarious, she does touch on a sensitive topic when it comes to women in the dating world. In today’s market, the cannabis industry seems to have opened its doors for women and has created products to help women feel more inclusive in this lucrative industry. However, even though women are building cannabis companies and expanding their message, the images of females using cannabis to sell a product have been going on for years.

Do these images cause more harm than good for single canna-ladies looking for romance?

When it comes to the dating world, finding a partner can be scary. We want to show our best selves to a potential partner, but what does that mean for someone who smokes cannabis regularly? While it’s perfectly normal for couples to connect over a glass of wine, most women think the same about weed. In fact, after speaking to a group of canna-moms through the motherhood app Peanut, most of the women proclaimed that it should not be an issue and “if they don’t like it, then it’s their loss, not mine.”

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However, there’s still a stigma with women who smoke cannabis, whether that’s in the dating world or their communities. Research done by Women in Cannabis Study LLC concluded that within their study, 68 percent of women use cannabis daily while 87 percent use cannabis at least weekly which means there are more female consumers of cannabis than there are males. However, in that same study, 66 percent have been shamed for their cannabis use and the shamers vary from extended family, healthcare professionals, and even ex-partners.

How has imagery with women smoking cannabis been used in the industry?

Often labelled as stoner babes, there are countless magazines and publications photographing women in a haze of smoke, half-naked attire, with sultry and sexy looks. “There are stereotypical stoner women and scantily-clad booth babes who are used to selling cannabis,” says Jennifer Whetzel the founder of Women in Cannabis Study, LLC. “But the women who are consumers use it for medical reasons and non-medicinal reasons like relaxation, productivity, and creativity. Many women described the cannabis industry as their calling and their community.”

As the cannabis industry makes its way towards the mainstream market, more companies are creating products and atmospheres for women like topicals, teas, patches, and even lubricants. This gives women multiple options to enjoy cannabis instead of simply smoking.

Should you tell them you’re a smoker on the first date?

It’s safe to say that things have begun to shift for single cannabis users. There have been studies on the best 420 friendly dating sites for cannabis users to explore without the nervous feeling of hiding their lifestyle. However, the rule of thumb in any relationship is honesty is the best policy. From speaking with different people from different backgrounds, it’s safe to say that smoking or using cannabis is a lifestyle. It’s a part of a person’s world which means it’s always best, to be honest, and open about your cannabis use. The last thing you want is to fall for someone who suddenly has an issue with your smoking later on. Make sure you get that conversation out of the way before you start planning your future of matching towels and bowls.

“My honest opinion on your overall question is that many women who currently use cannabis would respond if they think I’m unattractive because I smoke too much, they can f-off,” says Whetzel, and might I add — well said.