Wellness shouldn’t have to be a full-time job. But if you’re a woman living in today’s modern world, it automatically becomes one. Although women make up over half the population globally, the reality is there’s limited research or progress when it comes to women’s health.

For many women, it comes as no surprise. Since the early 1980s and beyond, women’s health issues carry the historical label of “unimportant.”

A research study done by The National Academics of Sciences Engineering and Medicine confirms numerous health conditions with little progress made in reducing women’s mortality; Issues like unintended pregnancy, endometriosis, and autoimmune diseases like Lupus.

Women’s health is widely underrepresented and is often purposely neglected in scientific research — that is, until now.

In June 2021, Rae Wellness, a female-led holistic company for women’s health, partnered with renowned medical experts from Radical Science to create one of the first and largest longitudinal controlled studies on the positive effects of CBD. The study is also the first-ever focused exclusively on the potential of cannabidiol to support women. The duo released a sliver of their groundbreaking research on AP News.

CEO, and co-founder of Rae, Angie Tebbe, has made it her mission to provide the best holistic options for women, which is her inspiration behind researching CBD. “To be a company [that’s] dedicated to supporting all women, supplementation, and ingredients that were effective and evidence-based was important. So, hemp (cannabis) was no different,” says Tebbe. “That’s when we saw a glaring gap in research dedicated to guiding people. If we’re going to get into CBD and introduce it in our products and our customers, then we’re going to do it the right way — with the highest level of efficacy and great research behind us.”

This new study is a momentous step not just in women’s health, but for the overall wellness industry. Cannabis, although currently used for medicinal purposes in various states, is still not officially approved by the FDA and is considered a Schedule 1 drug — along with heroin and LSD. Tebbe hopes this new research will not only help in discussions with the FDA but assist future medical research in expanding the positive benefits of cannabis. “We felt such a responsibility not just for our brand but on behalf of the industry because, in essence, we want to provide research that helps support the conversation,” says Tebbe.

In the last few years, wellness has become a large focus on the daily life of women. And as women begin to open up more to holistic healing, this research couldn’t come at a better time. The data provides various reports from CBD dosage, delivery methods, and THC concentration which will help with the ongoing stigma that cannabis still carries. Rae’s work showcases the power and responsibility a wellness company has in creating an enormous impact on the future of health and wellness. “The more companies that can come forward and have conversations, create venues, have experiences and real data behind why it might help demystify [cannabis] more broadly,” says Tebbe.

The more companies that can come forward and have conversations, create venues, have experiences and real data behind why it might help demystify [cannabis] more broadly.”

The final phase of analysis will be released in the fall of 2021 in a comprehensive whitepaper. According to Tebbe, Rae doesn’t plan on stopping there. “Our goal is to continue the roadmap and to continue to support women in several ways and we’re just getting started.”

Rae can be found at Target, Anthropologie, Amazon, and other retailers. To learn more about Rae, visit raewellnesscbd.co