Giant Outdoor Cannabis Plants — Outrageous Garden Tour with Food Forest Permaculture

Have you ever had to climb a ladder to take a look at a cola? I just had the experience. Last weekend, I was invited to tour an outrageous outdoor grow op and I could hardly believe what I saw… They were the tallest cannabis plants that I have ever seen, most stretched to almost twenty-five feet tall. On top of that, the crop looked pretty dank! Tough to imagine? You don’t have to because they let me film the plants. Take a journey into this secret garden and you’ll find something wild and wonderful. Get ready for some outrageous giant outdoor cannabis plants!

The giant cannabis plants shown here were grown for medical purposes by Food Forest Permaculture and are registered with Health Canada. 

Food Forest Permaculture — Meet Howie

Meet Howie. He’s the founder of Food Forest Permaculture and a passionate promoter of organic food gardening. At least one of his meals comes from his garden, regardless of the season. By combining the landscaping and soil techniques of food forest and permaculture gardening, Howie is able to grow some amazing things. 

Food Forest Permaculture — Meet Howie

Why so high?

Seven months out of the year, Howie grows a single crop of organic, medical-grade cannabis. Initially, he will sprout his seeds inside but once they are a few inches long, he transplants them outdoors. Nurtured in rich, organic soil, he takes great care to protect the plants from frost, mold, and other predators. Generally, he plants his sun-grown crop in January, knowing it won’t flower until the summer. 

cannabis plants so high

According to Howie, his crop is not quite ready yet. The plants shown will not be harvested for a couple more weeks. 

cannabis crop

Thick Stalks

The stalk of a twenty-five-foot cannabis plant is thicker than a large man’s wrist. This is pretty understandable because a plant that tall needs a solid base. However, it’s still pretty shocking to see. Made of sturdy fibres, he takes his plants down using an axe. I asked Howie what he does with the leftover stalks and he told me that most of them get turned into mulch. Sometimes, he will give them away to be carved into walking sticks or used in art; once dried, his cannabis stalks harden like wood.

giant cannabis plants

The author would like to thank Howie at Food Forest Permaculture for sharing his amazing garden. For more information on Food Forest Permaculture and their giant cannabis plants, check out their YouTube channel.