There are many techniques for growing cannabis, such as burping, bending & securing, supercropping and more. However, from the testimony of my source, I believe that growing weed the “old school” way is the best and most natural. No trimming the leaves while the plant is growing, no burping it in jars. Great! I thought, so it’s less complicated? Not quite. It’s still a complicated process but it allows the plant to grow as naturally as possible. As I was told, a pot plant knows what it needs— you’re a human, you don’t. So, on to how to grow weed — the old school way.

Let’s go through this step-by-step:

Step One: When to Plant & Seed

Learning how to grow weed starts with figuring out when to seed. The best time to start planting marijuana in Canada is the spring after the May 24 weekend. This time frame may differ depending on what province you’re in, but make sure you plant when the frost is gone. Frost will kill the plant. This time frame is also good for the plant because of rain and lightning storms. Lightning ionizes the air and aids in the growth of the plant.


To start the plant, place a seed in a moist paper towel. Leave for 1-2 weeks (some 3) depending on the strain. Once you see a spout, place the seed in loose, airy dirt in a solo cup. Make sure there is a 1 ¼ inch space from the dirt to the top of the cup. 

Now, leave the seed alone and do not interfere. The pot plant knows what it’s doing.

The only reason interference is necessary at this point is in extreme situations, like spider mites. 

*hint: Ladybugs can ward away spider mites and won’t hurt the plant. 

(see: Beginner’s Guide to Germinating Cannabis)


The plant will tell you when it wants light. If the leaves are drooping that means you should turn off the light or take it out of the sun so it can go to sleep. After the leaves have perked up, that’s when it wants light again. 

Step Two: Fertilizer and Planting

The small plant in the cup will be ready to plant in the ground or a pot when the plant is about 6 inches tall.

Once the weed is ready to plant, you can go ahead and add fertilizer. The best kind to use is Plant Prod 20 20 20 or chicken, cow, or sheep manure. If using a chemical fertilizer like Plant Prod, only use it mixed with water (see below for more details). If using manure, mix about ½ a bag of manure with one bag of topsoil in a wheelbarrow. Dig out a 4×4 hole about 1-2 ft deep. Dump the mixed soil and manure in the hole but don’t pack it down. Next, dig a little hole in the centre with your index finger. This hole only needs to be about an inch deep, as the plant will grow and the roots will expand into the rest of the space. Do not pack the dirt down. Then, water a little bit around the plant to moisten the roots.

For Plant Prod, use the small end of the scoop and add ½ of that scoop to a gallon of water. Water the plant with this. Once the marijuana reaches its major budding cycle, mix a full scoop with five gallons of water. Water with this fertilizer once every two weeks.

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Step Three: Leaves

Now, remember to leave those leaves alone! Growing weed old school means once the plant grows leaves DO NOT trim them. The infamous five-leafed shapes are called sucker leaves. The sucker leaves draw nutrients from the roots and send those nutrients to the rest of the plant. Even if the leaves turn brown or yellow, don’t trim them, because they still absorb juices and send them to the rest of the plant. This makes the bud stronger and higher in THC. The only reason to remove a leaf is if the plant becomes sick and the leaves mouldy.

(see: What Causes Cannabis Fan Leaves to Curl?)

Step Four: Wait

Next, you need to wait and let the plant grow naturally! You should water if it’s dry (the leaves will appear wrinkled and droopy) but don’t overwater. Signs of overwatering a plant are paler green or yellow leaves and the plant will lean. If you’re using fertilizer like Plant Prod, water with it every two weeks.

Step Five: Harvest

Harvest time depends largely on the strain of marijuana, as some bud sooner than others. Harvest is usually mid-October to the beginning of November (in Canada). How can you tell when your plant is ready to harvest? The leaves will die and go yellow, and the bottom of the stalk will turn a pale green/yellow colour. There should be lots of buds on the plant at this time. The plant will be ready to either die and go into the earth or be harvested. 

Now it is time to cultivate the plant and smoke your weed!

Loved learning how to grow weed the old school way? Don’t worry, we’ll cover everything you need to know about old-school cultivating next week!

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