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You know that scene in Eastbound & Down when Will Ferrell says “I can feel it down in my plums. They’re getting a nice bluish hue, gettin’ ready to take ’em to the farmer’s market.” We felt that.

It’s early fall, which means it’s just about peak flowing time for cannabis growers over here (and in most places) on the Northern Hemisphere. If you hadn’t noticed this week, we took notes from the famed Shark Week and had ourselves, a bit of a, well, Grow Week.

From old school growing and harvesting techniques to seeding tips and an awesome exclusive garden tour of Food Forest Permaculture, let’s get into the highlight reel of Grow Week 2021.

How to grow and sow cannabis like the old-school pros

Sometimes, newer isn’t always better. Megan May shares her sage wisdom for Grow Week in this two-parter on how to grow, and how to cultivate the old-school way. And she’s not just an interloper — all of the photos in the how to grow guide are of her plants. The follow-up on how to harvest, right in time for harvest season, is easy to understand for beginners and includes illustrated photos for each step of the process.

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Where to buy feminized seeds

While it’s well past outdoor seeding season in most places, it’s never too early to start thinking ahead. (Or maybe prep for an indoor grow). This Grow Week, Hosam Zaki peels back the confusing jargon around feminized seeding with a dash of humour. He recommends a variety of seed banks selling feminized seeds for most major markets.

And no, feminized seeds don’t, in fact, make 70% on the yield compared to their male counterparts. If only I could say the same for our human counterparts.

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A tour of 25-foot tall cannabis plants at Food Forest Permaculture

Okay, so perhaps the most impressive thing we saw this Grow Week was Julia Veintrop’s insider tour of an outrageous outdoor grow op (of medical-grade cannabis!) by Food Forest Permaculture. She literally had to climb a ladder to look at these plants. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

What’s more, Howie even offered us a few expert tips on growing outdoors year-round.

grow week

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RAE Wellness and Radical Science

Yeah, it’s not technically related to the physical act of growing cannabis, but words mean many things. This landmark partnership explored by Kimberly Delarosa certainly represents growth. A women-owned cannabis company is partnering with Radical Sciences to create the first and largest longitudinal controlled studies on the effect of CBD. This is the first-ever study focused exclusively on the potential of cannabidiol to support women. Now that’s how an industry truly grows.

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What were your favourite highlights from our foray into growing this Grow Week, and what would you like to see next year? Let us know in the comments.

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