Justin Trudeau admitted that, as an MP, he smoked weed illegally.

And when his brother Michel Trudeau was caught with the herb back in the 90s, Justin and the Trudeau Family Royal Dynasty were “confident that we were able to make those charges go away.”


“We had resources,” Justin said, “my dad had a couple connections and we were confident that my little brother wasn’t going to be saddled with a criminal record for life.”

This is, of course, unlike every other Canadian who has had the misfortunate of getting caught with the wrong plant by the wrong person.

Not that any of this matters now, both those Trudeau’s are dead and the youngest son is likely the most quack Prime Minister Canada has ever had.

And there’s some fierce competition.

None of this should come as a surprise to cannabis consumers who happen to dab in politics (or vice-versa).

Being stoned is having heightened awareness, and, if you pursue it authentically, an ability to entertain thoughts you disagree with. Although obviously, one does not have to be stoned to do this — cannabis certainly helps.

Yet, legal pot is a dividing issue. Will people smoke and drive? What about the roads?!

What about them? Don’t provinces and municipalities already worry about their own road issues? And can’t every police brigade across Canada operate like a competitive insurance company and security service? It would save taxpayers a lot of time and money and help reallocate police services to their most desired uses — something other than the drug war.

Obviously, commerce outperforms government bureaucracy on both moral and financial grounds.

Extending this logic to the “rule of law” is a great leap, no doubt, but why this basic truth about “public” goods and services vis-à-vis the private sector tends to escape most people, particularly cannabis people, I have yet to discover.

And so, as Justin Trudeau fucks up legalization, I am in no shock nor awe that his brother got off scot-free when caught with cannabis in the 1990s.

A little part of me is shocked that Justin admitted it on television, but it’s probably just a pacing exercise where our pretty-boy PM tests the outrage and compliancy of those who agree and disagree with him. Or maybe it was a gaffe.

What else can we expect?

We entrust caretakers to provide a sort of “middle-of-the-road” utopia where we can practice socialism in certain sectors seemingly without consequence, and where private enterprise is presumed to survive, even thrive, under a heavy-tax burden that, coupled with a regulatory apparatus controlled by a steady stream of bureaucracy, inhibits innovation and capital accumulation.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… don’t be surprised that Trudeau Señor got the Trudeau brother off pot charges. This kind of political rule happens all the time in every statist system, whether under monarchs or MPs and Senators.

  • Robert Wright

    When Trudeau told the story of his father making his brothers charges go away it didn’t surprise me but it pissed me off that he was arrogant enough to bring it up and think people wouldn’t have a problem with it he must be dumber than a bag of hammers.

    • Réal Guy

      Oh, i had a problem with it all right when Michel Trudeau was mentioned. Too bad the TrudeauMania voice is so loud and the rest so faint these days! For example, the version i used to trust was that Justin’s brother died in a lake after an avalance in the mountains, while i got the impression Trudeau apparently seeks confusion by juxtaposing accidents, death and “stoner”/”droÿé” driving somehow, using Michel as when Margaret showed up during the 2015 campaign, on TV, to talk of the lo$t stati$tically-ellu$ive children of planet Itnoc: In The Name Of Children!!

      Too bad Joy Davies ain’t anywhere around the scene anymore, her and MiniPET’s mom would certainly have found radically different opinions to oppose. As i recall Davies was rejected by the Liberals not long before elections day and the controversy rapidly receeded as it was finally forgotten. Yet the scientific articles which this former Liberal candidate got prejudiced for never stopped being just that, scientific. In other words, simply because a Liberal finds convenient to symbolically sacrifice Joy Davies on the bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionist hotel doesn’t auto-magically imply he’s followed by a majority of Canuck voters behind…

      The voters must be told about the stories of Michael Woods and Gaëtan Dinelle, or Jean-Pierre Bony for that matter!… Voters are still humans with families, etc., so when such perspective becomes viable on the public place it would be important to shead this alternative lighting on Trudeau’s twisted version of “legaleezation”, as i’m sure many would realize how we’re being instrumentalized in support of even more permanent prejudice, for the benefit of a self-serving “elite”, etc.

      Which reminds me of the “science” of doctor John Warnock in his Cairo assylum… Given a choice between a guy who never learned the local language vs mom (Margaret) i guess i’d take my chances with the one with a medical grade, then improvise from there!

  • Doris

    I do agree…;?)

  • http://ixld.com/ Riel

    I’m so glad you picked up on this, when I heard him telling that story i had the same shock of … wow, there’s a blatant flaunting of privilege.