Top 5 International Weed Fests for Summer

Even in the farthest reaches of the northern hemisphere, spring is upon us. If nothing else, this should signal the beginning of your frantic, but EPIC, Summer 2017 Escape Plan. Also known as your annual vacation leave.

This year, travel with purpose. The marijuana movement is blossoming not just in North America with legalization around the United States and Canada, but around the world. With more and more cannabis festivals and conferences popping up every year, why not skip the Hamptons or that packaged Cabo trip to explore the weed culture of a new country this summer?

Though the summer hosts a never ending list of concerts, theater shows, and niche festivals, these five weed fests will have the marijuana connoisseur in you thanking you well into the rest of the year:


1. Mary Jane Berlin – Berlin, Germany from June 16-18, 2017

Mary Jane Berlin is the biggest marijuana celebration in Germany, and that says a lot. Attracting tens of thousands of fans and activists attending from around the world, this Cannabis Expo includes lectures, concerts, food stalls, and much more.

Although marijuana is not legalized for recreational use throughout Germany, Berlin is without a doubt the capital of the national legalization movement; no matter what aspect of cannabis has you interested, this start-of-summer fest is a memorable way to kick off the 2017 festival season.


2. Weed and Chill Festival- Amsterdam, Netherlands on August 6, 2017

weed and chillThe Weed and Chill Festival is one of the more “niche” weed festivals in the Netherlands, and that says something given the substantial amount of cannabis-themed events in the country where marijuana and other soft drugs have been legal for decades. This is one of my favorite fests worldwide, bringing everyone together to smoke and socialize under the sky in the chillest of atmospheres. You won’t find super loud concerts or rowdy crowds here… just a happy stoner’s paradise.


3. CannaFest – Grand Forks, BC, Canada from August 10-12, 2017

canna fest

Possibly Canada’s most popular marijuana event, Cannafest is a rock festival for the old and young alike. Offering camping and other living necessities, you can set up base at this festival all weekend long to enjoy the likes of Sweeney Todd, Harlequin, and more with all the classic Canadian food and beer you can stomach. Don’t forget that BC is the heartland of cannabis in Canada- there will be no shortage of world-class BC offerings from the region in every form you can imagine.


4. Product Earth Expo 2017 – Birmingham, UK from September 2-3, 2017

As the UK’s only CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis Lifestyle Festival, Product Earth Expo 2017 is jam-packed with exhibitors and vendors putting their best products and services on display. Entrepreneurs and those working in the industry will love the networking, while associated tours, concerts, and other events in the city and surrounding areas will keep the more light-hearted entertained.


5. Expogrow Irun – Irun, Spain from September 16-18, 2017


A list of marijuana festival vacations in Europe would not be complete without at least one stop in Spain. As one of the most liberal countries in the Union concerning marijuana, Spanish cannabis social clubs have popped up all over the country and provide open spaces for sharing and smoking.

The Expogrow Irun is particularly cool because it is right across the French border, 200 meters away to be exact. About 20,000 French attended the festival last year, attesting to the awesomeness of the event and the continued illegality of marijuana in France today. Here you will find educational activities, creative arts, dozens of exhibitors and vendors, sports events, speeches, and more. Held on a fairground, one can only imagine the great food and wine to be had along with the regional cannabis specialities…


Now what is your excuse for not taking a real vacation for you this year? I’ve given you the ideas, it’s your turn to run with them! Which of these weed fests sounds best to you? Comment below to share your #weedintheworld travels.