Vancouver Creative Community Mural
Vancouver Creative Community Mural

Local creative community unite for a Vancouver culture mural at Studio710

While many industries continue to struggle due to COVID-19, the days of self-isolation and quarantine has given rise to a new wave of expression among creatives. Over the past few months, murals have been appearing all over Vancouver, in support of frontline workers, the Black Lives Matter movement and more.

Studio710, a multimedia creative studio downtown Vancouver, saw this creative movement as an opportunity to unite Vancouver creatives for a mural project of their own. In collaboration with the Vancouver Art Community, Studio710 brought 10 artists together for a collaborative mural expressing their take on Vancouver’s culture and creative community. Here’s what happened.

The 30ft by 8ft wall on the right side as soon as you walk into the studio was divided into 8 equal parts. Each artist was given 6 colors (3 shades of green, black, white, and grey) and 10 hours to complete their piece. The guidelines were simple, express Vancouver’s creative community in your own style.

Meet the artists

The artists came from contrasting creative backgrounds and styles (swipe above to see them all), some being fashion and graphic designers by trade, others are full-time artists using different mediums from spray paint, to acrylic, pastel. The result however was a cohesive, beautiful collage of ideas, textures, and creative expression.

See the mural

Each artist had a different take on the project, with some doing straightforward representations of Vancouver including mountains, the city skyline, and iconic Lions Gate Bridge, to Vancouver music festival inspired scenes like Shambhala and FVDED In The Park, to futuristic concept pieces.

Go behind the scenes

The 10-hour painting marathon was supported by the creative team at the studio capturing every moment of the historic project. Owner of Studio710, Todd Ceperly was overjoyed with the final product of the project saying it aligned perfectly with the studio’s mission to “Empower creators, build brands, and foster creative & business communities”. With over 1,000 sq ft of white walls at the studio, the Vancouver Creative Community will definitely be back to continue contributing to the culture.

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