5 movies to make you laugh next time you light up with friends

5 movies to make you laugh next time you light up with friends

Let’s be real if your high enough, any movie can be good. If you’re looking for something to watch next time you light up, here are 5 movies to watch when you’re high.

This list is going to avoid the most obvious choices like; anything Cheech and Chong, Grandma’s Boy, Dude Where’s My Car, Half-Baked, etc… The reason for this, we all know these already and the goal is to find something you may not have seen. Some of these may be slightly eccentric but bare with me.

Abrahm Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

To start things off, I’ve chosen an off-beat movie to watch when you are high. It’s full of action, history, and some gore to keep you from fading mid-movie. The title really says it all but this movie follows young Abraham from adolescence as he’s trained in the art of vampire hunting. This movie follows him all the way through his presidency with the climax coming on the eve of the civil war’s defining battle.

Swiss Army Man movie about journey of two people

Swiss Army Man movie

For those of you who haven’t yet divulged into this flick, I recommend giving it a try. This one is a wild-card, I’ve heard good and bad reviews but the movie has a very unique and unexpected premise. The movie stars Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano. It begins with Paul’s character stranded on an island, just as he’s about to give up, he spots a body washing up onshore. The rest of the movie follows a journey the two of them have together. Daniel is the “Swiss Army Man” as Paul finds he can use Daniel’s body as a boat, bow, new best friend, and much more than your typical swiss army knife. This movie is interesting to watch when you are high, just give it a try!

The Lobster a comedy

The Lobster a dark comedy movie to watch when high

If you’re into a dark comedy, this one should hit the spot. The Lobster, what else can you ask for, a man, slowly turning into a lobster with a twist of romance, just what the doctor ordered. The movie is in a dystopian near-future time frame. Single people are sent to a hotel for 45 days to find their match. If unsuccessful in this endeavour, they are turned into beasts and sent into the wild.

Being John Malkovich a weird movie to watch when high

Being John Malkovich

I know you are probably thinking after the Lobster things probably can’t get any weirder. This movie is arguably the best-directed on this list but also has its own special flair aside from the rest. It begins with a lonely puppeteer (John Cusak), who discovers a portal behind a filing cabinet into the mind of John Malkovich. He lets a coworker in on the secret and the two begin to monetize the mind of John Malkovich. Cameron Diaz plays Cusak’s wife in the film and Malkovich is played by none other than Malkovich.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

Ok I know I said I was going to stay away from classics, but for those of you who made it to the bottom and aren’t impressed, here’s one sure thing. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please do yourself a favor and give it a stream. James Franco, Seth Rogan, pairing up in an action-packed, hysterical weed comedy, what more can you really ask for? Grab your bong, bubbler, or dab rig and skip the morning yoga because your abs will hurt after this one.

I’ve personally enjoyed all of these selections and I hope some of you can find a new hidden gem to recommend to friends. Let us know if you have any others you think should be on this list.