best stoner movies of the '90s

Here are our top 10 best stoner movies of the ’90s

If you were alive during the ’90s, it would be no surprise to know that weed and blockbuster movies went hand in hand. But which stoner movies of that era made the top ten list?

Check them out below!

10. Half Baked (1998)

Directed by Tamra Davis and starring Dave Chapelle, who co-wrote the movie with Neal Brennan, this movie is a stoner’s dream that will have you laughing at their antics. The story revolves around three stoners who come up with crazy schemes to get their friend out of jail.

With music like Run DMC and brief appearances of stoner royalty like Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg, this is the perfect movie to get high to and have many laughs. Watch this movie if you’re looking to get stoned, eat some munchies, and have a great time with your stoner friends.

9. Friday (1995)

Directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh, Friday is a movie that will have you laughing your butt off. Starring Ice Cube as Craig and Chris Tucker as Smokey, the two must come up with $200 that they owe to a local thug, or they will never live to see Saturday.

In the movie, Craig Jones is now unemployed after being fired the day before. The trouble starts when Smokey’s supplier named Big Worm wants his money or his product back, and both Craig and Smokey are broke. Their antics make this movie comedic gold and have an awesome hip-hop vibe. When watching, be sure to blaze up and have a good laugh.

8. Bio-Dome (1996)

If you are looking for a comedy to smoke or do dabs to and have a few laughs, be sure to check out this gem. Starring Pauly Shore as Bud “Squirrel” Macintosh and Stephen Baldwin as Doyle “Stubs” Johnson, this adventure involves two stoners who get locked into a Bio-Dome for one year.

The movie starts with Bud and Doyle doing nothing productive with their lives, while their girlfriends are environmental activists. The two women decided to leave their boyfriends as they don’t support their goals of saving the Earth. Through their antics, both Bud and Doyle get trapped in the biodome with many scientists and are stuck there for an entire year. The movie is full of laughs and mishaps and is a perfect movie to watch while you are high.

7. The Big Lebowski (1998)

Starring Jeff Bridges as The Dude, the Coen Brothers created a hilariously pot-fueled movie. In the film, The Dude gets mistaken for a millionaire with the same last name. When two thugs try to coerce him into paying a debt that he was not involved in, the two thugs then piss on his rug.

After trying to get his wealthy Lebowski to pay for his rug, he takes on a one-time job that will have a high pay-off. With his bowling buddy Walter, who is a gun-toting man with anger issues, they set out to fulfill the bargain. Hilarity ensues as The Dude becomes entangled with porn empire tycoons and nihilists who all want a piece of him.  Get high and follow The Dude through all his adventures.

6. Clerks (1994)

This movie is cannabis-fueled and created by marijuana advocate Kevin Smith. Playing Silent Bob, Smith, and Jason Mewes, playing as Jay, began starring in a series of stoner movies that have become cult favourites, the first being Clerks. The film follows a man named Dante Hicks (played by Brian O’Halloran) and Randal Graves (played by Jeff Anderson).

The two clerks, Dante and Randal, hate their jobs. Dante works at a small convenience store, and Randal works at a video store next door. Dante gets called into work on his day off and then learns his ex is getting married. The story follows this glum clerk through a series of issues that only make his day worse. With appearances of Jay and Silent Bob and a dark comedic vibe, this movie is perfect for blazing up.

5. Bongwater (1997)

This indie pot comedy introduced us to Jack Black as a weed-crazed pothead. With many famous stars such as Luke Wilson, Alicia Witt, Andy Dick, and Brittany Murphy, this movie is full of laughs. David, played by Luke Wilson, is an aspiring artist and pot dealer. After becoming addicted to pot, his girlfriend Selena, played by Alicia Witt, takes off to New York out of jealousy with Tommy (played by Jamie Kennedy).

Throughout the stoner movie, David tries to win Selena back and goes through many shenanigans, some of which include Jack Black, who made this movie something worth watching. Though this movie is often overlooked and underrated, it is still a stoner movie you should definitely check out with your friends, bong in hand.

4. Homegrown (1998)

After Malcolm (played by John Lithgow) creates a flourishing marijuana plantation in California, he is then killed by a mysterious assailant. Three of the workers who helped run the plantation decide to take over the business. With Billy Bob Thornton playing Jack, Hank Azaria playing Carter, and Ryan Phillippe as Harlan, this trio swiftly learn that they are way in over their heads.

While Harlan, Jack, and Carter attempt to find buyers for millions of dollars of dope, they try their best to deal with the duplicity, double-dealing, and danger of the marijuana industry. When you get high, this movie is perfect for watching. This comedic movie even has a surprising appearance by Jon Bon Jovi. Light ‘er up and bust a gut as you follow these characters through their inept and fumbling ways of dealing with the consequences of running a marijuana farm.

3.  Idle Hands (1999)

Often overlooked when it comes to 90’s stoner movies, Idle Hands is full of laughs and horror. Pothead protagonist Anton (played by Devon Sawa) wakes up on Halloween morning and discovers his right hand has become possessed with murderous intentions. One of the hilarious things about this movie is that Anton uses an inhaler that hangs around his neck, which he made into a pipe.

For the rest of the story, the hand manages to kill his two best friends and even tries to murder the girl he loves (played by Jessica Alba). The movie ends at a Halloween dance where the hand rips the hair off of the head of the lead singer of Offspring. But that’s not all there is to this movie. Get high and prepare for a gorefest that will make you laugh.

2. Dazed and Confused (1993)

This all-star cast is one of the most well-received and popular stoner movies of the ’90s. With stars like Matthew McConaughey, Milla Jovovich, Rory Cochrane, and Parker Posey, this movie follows the events of the last day of high school in 1976. If you are looking for some great music, you should definitely listen to this movie’s stoner rock soundtrack.

The story starts by following a few different friends trying to avoid the year-end paddling that senior students do to the male freshmen. At the same time, the female seniors frosh the girl freshmen. Everyone ends up at a keg party at the end of the night, with everyone having a good time. This movie will make you laugh and feel nostalgic for the good ‘ole days.

1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

Following Hunter S. Thompson’s drug and delirious mayhem from his 1971 must-read, this adaptation of the book will have your head spinning. This movie is one of the best-received stoner movies of the ’90s. Many people suggest watching this while you are high on mushrooms as the film provides a lot of visual chaos that is sure to trip you out.

Starring Johnny Depp as Thompson and Benicio Del Toro as Dr. Gonzo, you follow them through a road trip to Las Vegas, where they are supposed to do a story on a race. Fueled by drugs and alcohol, the pair destroy hotel rooms, tour Vegas, and basically have the trip of a lifetime. Watch this film and enjoy the many laughs and escapades of the two friends. But watch out, it’s bat country.

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