Vancouver’s Breakout hip hop festival fans react to 2020 cancellation

Vancouver’s only bi-annual hip hop festival has always been known for its star-studded lineups and dedicated fanbase. Breakout’s journey from throwing small local shows for up and coming artists to being a household festival that showcases local talent alongside hip-hops finest has built solid fans every step of the way. Needless to say, not being able to attend it this year hit them hard.

We took a look at the comments section of Breakout’s Instagram to see how fans reacted to the 2020 cancellation.

Winter Breakout

Fans wanted to know if this cancellation was going to affect the winter festival. Breakout took to respond by letting fans know ” hopefully COVID will be gone and we can have it”

Long Wait

It’s going to be another long wait until we get to see the full lineup


There were a handful of comments regarding the refunding process and why Breakout did not do a legend pass like their counterparts FVDED in The Park.


Fans appreciated Breakout looking out for them and letting them know that their safety is the first priority.

Shots Fired

It’s never a true Breakout post without some roasting in the comment’s section.

Uzi’s Return

Countless cries to bring Lil Uzi Vert back as the headliner next year. If we have learned anything from Breakout is that they never disappoint us.

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