Fellow weed smokers, here are the top 7 Cannabis Media Companies you need to be following for all your updates on our friend Mary Jane.

7 cannabis media companies

Cannabis Media Company- Herb

cannabis media company Herb

Matt Gray was working out of his garage in San Francisco in 2014 and remembers that he couldn’t find a good weed recipe online unless it was a brownie. Herb was founded, in their own words to create “-a place for people all over the world to share the cannabis-infused recipes that had changed their lives.” Today, Herb “-is an immersive technology platform that simplifies cannabis from discovery to purchase.” The website includes a store locator, published articles, and event touts their own TV series and Youtube Channels. In terms of products, they offer a full variety of CBD and THC products such as; flower, pre-rolled, oils, capsules, vape pens, accessories, topicals, edibles, and beverages.

Cannabis News Site – High Times

High Times

High Times, functions first and foremost as a cannabis news site, featuring a variety of articles published regarding cannabis products, culture, health, and other aspects surrounding the herb. In addition to this, High Times features reviews and guides and is a one-stop destination for all things cannabis.



Leafly is a cannabis product supplier which provides service for Alberta, BC, and Ontario. They provide products such as cannabis, concentrates, cartridges, pre-rolls, hemp CBD, topicals, vaping, edibles, smoking CBD, and growing equipment. The website has a store locator alongside detailed product information while also providing streamlined user experience. The platform is very user friendly and easy to navigate.



Weedmaps in its simplest description can be described as “google maps for weed.” Despite its simplicity, Weedmaps is far more than that. Offering GPS accurate dispensary location, the site also allows the user to sort dispensaries by location, pickup, delivery, orders, and doctor locations. Furthermore, Weedmaps features brands and has a function that lets you follow the brands for updates. There is also a 5-star community rating system that allows you to know the quality of the product from fellow herb enthusiasts. In short, Weedmaps is a unique and useful website for finding quality products and how to acquire them.

Respect My Region

Respect My Region started off as a clothing line at Central Washington University has since grown into a “full-blown lifestyle and music platform that supports local artists, brands, and creatives who believe in the value of community and culture.” The website features a significant number of recent articles covering everything from hip-hop and EDM music, to weed culture and live music. Respect My Region offers an incredibly detailed and unique collection of articles and media while also selling their own clothing line to this day.


First starting its broadcasts on the internet in 2000, PotTV covers and produces “-a cannabis-related video covering news, growing, politics, medical marijuana, entertainment and live coverage of cannabis events.” The videos and content are produced in PotTV studios located in Vancouver, BC. The website offers a considerable amount of video content, set in a variety of categories that cover everything that concerns cannabis.

Cannabis Life Network

Cannabis Life Network is a piece of all-encompassing news, media, and entertainment company that strives to make entertaining and educational content that serves to give the growers a voice while also empowering cannabis culture and pushing it forward. CLN also wishes to be a counterpoint to the negative portrayal that cannabis receives in mainstream media.

Cannabis culture is currently on an unprecedented trajectory. Never before have there been such a vast array of resources and products dedicated to Cannabis. Sites such as these, both highlight the benefits of Cannabis and its importance to people while also pushing Cannabis into a state of further social acceptance.