weed business

A few years ago, I interviewed a black market dealer I knew who was still selling cannabis in 2017. Then, less than a year later on October 17th, the legal landscape of weed changed forever when recreational cannabis in Canada became law. A bit of time has gone by and I couldn’t help but wonder about my buddy Pat.

Curious about the impact legalization had on his business, I gave him a call hoping that he would be down to smoke a joint and answer some burning questions. As usual, Pat was more than happy to burn one and oblige…

How’s life? How’s business?

It’s steady. About the same to be honest. It hasn’t really changed since we talked.

Really? Legalization happened. Did you notice? Has it affected you at all?

No. Not really.

Seriously? What about your clientele? Have you lost anyone since legalization?

Not at all. I would even say its growing. I have a lot of regulars and then they tell their friends of friends. Usually, I end up being the dealer for an entire family. It starts with one person and then I end up seeing their mom…then their uncle and cousin, then their aunt… Most of the people that come to buy off me are in their 50’s and older. Those people don’t want to go into dispensaries. It’s too expensive.  

Did you notice any difference in terms of customer demand? Has it become harder or easier to access your supply and get what they want?

Again, nope. For the last several years, I have gotten a consistent supply of high-quality quads from the same two growers. I go to one for sativa’s and the other for indica’s; they have rotating cycles of Ak’s, hazes, nuken and kushes, especially my favourite, Violator. I met these guys when I was hiking up a mountain one weekend, no kidding. I sparked a joint on the trail and when they got a whiff, we started talking; we’ve been doing business ever since.

The extracts and capsules I buy online through a website with specific wholesale access. I can buy kilo’s of high quality, tested shatter if I wanted that much. Plus, I can literally print a list and send it to my customers so that they know what’s available to them.

WHAT!?! It sounds like you are more than just a dealer! Basically, you’re a one man dispensary!

Yeah, it’s a bit ridiculous. It was a pretty sweet hookup thanks to knowing a guy who knows a guy. A kilo of shatter is too much though; I just bought a couple of ounces. Whatever is wanted, I order it and it comes right to my door.

I’m just trying to fully wrap my head around why someone would skip the convenience of a dispensary, especially when it’s legal now.

Usually, my customers will come to me because it’s so cheap. I sell an ounce of bud for $120 and they are welcome to mix sativa and indica to make an am/pm pack. More often, they want to add a couple grams of shatter or some capsules because I don’t charge that much so they can afford more.

“No true stoner can support their habit on the regular, paying even $8 per gram.”

Have you noticed any difference at all since legalization? Have things improved for you in anyway or even changed? It sounds like that wholesale website access is new. That’s something right?

No no, that website is totally illegal. Definitely grey area. I would say that things have actually changed and become worse. The penalties for being busted with more than what’s allowed are really harsh and you read some pretty bad stories on facebook. But, again, thats facebook.

The one thing I worry about now more than before is transportation and being busted with a bunch of bud on me while driving. I make sure that I cryovac everything before I take it anywhere.

Uhh… How often do you have to transport stinky bud?

When I deliver it.

You do deliveries!?! How often?

Yeah, I will if it’s on my way. I make a lot of regular deliveries at work; all the way up the company ladder, including higher up. I usually make my first stop at the receiving department while I check for my mail and then my day continues with little stops along the way; I might get a visitor or two. Sometimes, I will just leave it in my desk and text the person, telling them where to grab their order. It’s much easier than having people drop by after work all night but I still do that too.

No wonder you need a cryovac. (FYI: Pat has been working for a highly prestigious, international corporation for the last 15 years…)

Considering a lot of my customers are grabbing their weed for the week, I will end up coming to work with a QP, half pound easy. Like on a payday Friday? I can end up showing up with over $800 in product value and remember, I only charge $120 an ounce.

So, What are your plans for the future? What’s the end game?

Simple, to be rich enough to not have to sell weed. But, I’ll be doing it until I have enough money to buy one of those fancy grams at a dispensary whenever I please.