The funny ways we beat our boredom during COVID-19

We’ve all been surviving a global pandemic by staying inside and getting baked. It’s not hard to imagine that many people were very bored. Take a stoner, ask them to stay home, give them money, make weed available… what do you get? Pure hilarious shenanigans! Thanks to smartphones, it’s all on camera! Here’s a look at some of the funny ways we beat our boredom during COVID-19

Bored around the world

The pandemic hit in North America, we beat our boredom by getting creative and sometimes ridiculous. We were not alone.

South Africa

United Kingdom


In the Air Tonight 

When Phil Collins was recording In the Air Tonight, he had no idea what it would inspire during COVID-19. These people mastered the melody of their cabinets, to the point where they could play Phil Collins! Imagine living in the house with them during this musical discovery…

This guy could go on tour.

Got some moves!

It’s not just about the sound of the music you create, its the feeling you put into it! To feel the music, you got to move your body and use what your momma gave you. Here is an example of doing it right:

The Master

Some people don’t realize they have a song in their heart until they discover their instrument. And all this happened to kill time in the pandemic created quarantine. This guy is truly a master at playing cabinet doors. 

‘In the Air Tonight’ was his beginning. It awakened an unknown talent, hidden in plain sight. But like a true artist, he was unsatisfied, surrounded by the limits of Phil Collins. So, he could only do one thing, fly free, and play whatever music he wanted.

Tom Sawyer – Rush 

Livin’ on a Prayer

Homemade nightmares to beat the boredom during COVID-19

Usually, making it as opposed to buying is resourceful and makes sense. Sometimes success depends on skill but often, the item you’re making and supplies you use are what matter the most. With time on our hands and all the supply shortages, if you wanted something, you could either wait or try to make it. Doing it ourselves in quarantine always seemed like a great idea. Sometimes, it even worked out… 

Homemade Kombucha

Taji and Frisch

During quarantine, two Vice correspondents got stuck in Florida. Taji and Frisch were lacking some essentials but they did have a lot of time.

Make Your Own Toilet Paper 

Homemade bidet 

Animal friends

Adoptions at the SPCA saw an increase during COVID-19, resulting in some new animal friendships. You know what they say about friendships, some are meant to be and others not so much. With our routines changed from work to home, some of our pets didn’t know what to make of us.

Online jam with your buddy, duck on drums

Dog activities

This guy was so into it, he made a video to share his ideas with the world. We are grateful.

Classic art photo recreations
a funny way to beat the boredom during COVID-19

Whoever came up with this brilliant idea gave a hilarious gift to the world. The whole idea is to take whatever random things you have, lying around the house and use them to recreate a famous painting. From Bosch to Picasso, no work of art was too big of a challenge and the results were ridiculously funny!

beat the boredom during COVID-19
Painting during Quarantine
Art work Frieda
Pandemic and pics

During self-isolation, we had a lot of time on her hands. Boredom led to some serious comedy and thankfully, a lot of it ended up online. The pandemic sucks but people are awesome and they found out a way to beat the boredom during COVID-19