Bass Coast music festival fans react to 2020 cancellation

Bass Coast has an amazing community behind it. The festival and its fans are truly going to be missed this year. The 4-day event that has community unity, EDM, camping, yoga workshops, and many more activities to take part in will have to wait until 2021. But, let’s hear what the fans had to say about this year’s Bass Coast Music Festival cancellation.

Hears what Basscoast fans had to say about the cancellation.

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Community Gratefulness

Bass Coast music festival fans
Bass Coast music festival fans

Bass Coast Music Festival Reconsidering options for Fans

Fans reply
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The fans of the music festival are quite happy with their decision to navigate options which can help them entertain their fans while taking care of all the precautions needed in this COVID-19 situation. Above were the comments of happy fans in support of the idea. We would love to hear from you and your thoughts in the comments below.