The 7 Best DJ Livestream Sets From Friday Function

The 7 Best DJ Livestream Sets at Studio710

The Friday Function Livestream series has been going for over 3 months now. Working with Kumo Promotions, Studio710‘s aim of the series was to provide a platform for artists and DJs in Vancouver who have lost opportunities to work due to the pandemic. We have successfully featured over 90 DJs and artists and today we present our top 7 sets from 2020.

Average Citizens

One of the biggest artists from Vancouver that we have had the pleasure to work with, Average Citizens, is on the top of our list for good reason. Not only did they bring some amazing music to their set, but they also brought a heartfelt performance as well. Mixing up various types of house music from tech house, bass house, and deep house, they create a set unlike any other. Aside from the music, however, the couple share some playful antics between them showing the fun and easy-going dynamic of having a partner play with you. We can’t wait to see them tear up the scene once this pandemic is over. You can be sure we’ll be catching front row seats!


Our second pick is Sivz, a DJ who brought some amazing energy into her set. With house and techno as her main genres, she showcased her skills through an hour of continuous jams that had both the studio and her dancing all night long. Her energy behind the decks however was what locked her in as the best set of the year. Throughout the hour, you can see Sivz thoroughly enjoying herself which makes it hard not to join along and dance to the set.

Seb C

Seb C, was a man on a mission when he came into the studio. He brings his bass house club sets onto the stream. Seb’s energy on the mic and behind the decks is really what makes him entertaining to watch. However, his high energy set is really reminiscent of late nights at the clubs and gives us a taste of a new emerging sound in Vancouver.

So Sus

When he came in, So Sus blew us all away with his music. One of the most unique styles of bass music that we have had on the stream, we were exposed to all sorts of new music that none of us had ever heard before. With his high energy tracks, the studio team couldn’t help but headbang. We can’t wait to see where So Sus takes his music and hopefully we can’t wait to have him back.


After charting no. 1 on Beatport, it was a no brainer to bring the Queen on herself. Yurie brought some amazing groovy house tunes onto the stream. Despite being her first time DJing in a long time, coming back on behind the decks seemed seem-less to her as she threw down. Nothing but smiles throughout her entire set, it was a feel-good set that left an imprint on us and we can’t wait to see her do her thing again once the clubs come back.


Keepsix came in swinging for their set. During the Moss HQ takeover, this duo stole the show with their tech-house tracks. These guys exemplified a great set of hold and release, balancing their set between breaks and drops. This is something that a lot of DJs overlook either blasting their sets with only drops or waiting too long between transitions. However, these guys make sure to give you enough of a break between drops to keep you wanting more.

Reezy B2B Sarana

Both Reezy and Sarana have both individually come onto the stream, however when put together this dynamic duo was unstoppable. Bringing some amazing tech-house tunes with a throwback twist on them. Featuring remixes of Kanye West and James Brown, the two navigate through their set with funky drops. However, the two show finish off the end of their set with some drum and bass and showcase the variety of their music library. Ain’t nothing better than watching two friends fuel each other’s passions and pushing them to their best.

And that’s a wrap for us on our top 7 Friday Function sets of 2020. We are extremely excited to be working with some of Vancouver’s up and coming artists. Not only the ones that were featured in this article but all the others that we have had so far on the stream. We can’t wait to take Vancouver’s music scene to the next stage and lift more emerging artists into the scene. Let us know in the comments below who else we should feature on Friday Function!