New Year's Eve 2021 - How You Can Celebrate At Home

New Year’s Eve 2021 – How You Can Celebrate At Home

If there’s ever a time that it feels good to party, it’s New Year’s Eve. It’s about celebrating the coming year and the fact that you survived to see it. This year, celebrating the New Year is more important than ever because 2020 globally sucked. You can still keep your social distance and have an amazing New Year’s Eve, it just takes a bit of planning. Have fun ringing in New Year’s Eve 2021! Here’s how to celebrate at home…

Living room ball

Who doesn’t love getting dressed up? This past year, there have been almost no opportunities to break out the formal gear. There’s no better time than the present and no better reason than the end of 2020. This idea is open to a lot of interpretation but there are a few key elements:

An inviting environment – To create your at-home ballroom, think about your decoration and lighting. 

Guests – Who is coming to your personal ball? No one unless they’re in your immediate household and this gives you an invite advantage. With Google meets and zoom, you can have up to a thousand people at your virtual ball. Be social online or have a private event with just your inner bubble, you get to choose.

Dancing – While this may be optional, clear space because you just never know. If you enjoy dancing and have a suitable partner in your immediate household, make this a part of your New Year’s 2020. There are great instructional videos on YouTube for all sorts of styles of dance. Plan to start the evening off with an hour of instructions and waltz the rest of the night away. 

Art Party

Nothing inspires art like good friends and good vibes so this New Year’s, get your buddies on FaceTime and make some art together. If you want to create the same craft, plan out your art project ahead of time so that everyone can gather supplies. Or, have a virtual open art party where everyone does their own thing.

Need an art idea? Try to paint along with a Bob Ross video!

Games night for a fun filled New Year’s Eve

There are a lot of options for virtual game night and it’s a fun way to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen for a while. 

  • If you have buddies who own the same board game, have a FaceTime face off. Use the video to set up the same game board at each player’s home. 
  • Game online and set up a Google meet so that you can trash talk in real-time.
  • Up the stakes with some sweet prizes or a buy-in jackpot.

This New Year Try Magic Mushrooms

It seems like micro dosing psilocybin is the new kombucha! As more and more people are using it medicinally, the benefits are becoming mainstream news. Not saying you should go do psychedelics but if there was a good time, it would probably be the New Year’s that you have to stay home. Have you ever eaten mushrooms, watched Planet Earth without sound, and played a Shpongle album?… Me neither.

The Ultimate Session for New Year’s Eve

For many people, New Year’s and alcohol go hand-in-hand. With no social gatherings, this equates to drinking at home by yourself or your inner bubble. Here is a better idea, party with Lady Mary Jane. Create the ultimate Stoner session to really maximize your experience with a few key ingredients:

Good weed – However you choose to ingest it, treat yourself to a favorite. This is the year to break out those nice dabs you have been saving or splurge on a strain you really enjoy.

Entertainment – Great movies, games, art, and music; plan out your entertainment choices ahead of time. That way, you can just enjoy being baked without having to deal with making too many decisions. 

Environment – Nothing sets the tone of a session like the right chill space so get cozy with soft blankets, extra pillows, and relaxing lighting. If that sounds like a usual Tuesday night, mix up your environment by smoking somewhere different. When was the last time you hot-boxed your bathroom? If it’s been a while, now is the time!

Munchies – Plan this part well and it will pay off at the best of times. Remember, you got your kitchen and prep ahead of time. Don’t want to cook? Order delivery! You deserve a treat this New Year’s Eve and if that’s not having to cook, get whatever take out your heart desires. After all, restaurants are hurting right now and this is one way to help support the local community.

Need more ideas for the ultimate session? Try an Immersive Stoner Dining Experience!

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?  How are you going to celebrate the end of 2020? Tell us all about your New Years’ Eve in the comments… especially if you did some mushrooms. Need some good tunes and party vibes? Tune in to the Studio710 New Years Live Stream with Average Citizens!