We are back with our favorite cannabis chemist, Dr. Marcus Roggen! The topic for this week’s episode of Ask An Expert is cannabis and covid. Living in a pandemic is easier when you stay informed and the weed lovers of the world have got questions. Some may seem silly to ask but the truth is, this information may save a life. Either way, Dr. Marcus Roggen is always happy to provide answers. Staying safe and stoned has never been so entertaining. 

Want to hear the details about Cannabis and Covid? You asked and he answered!

What are the effects of cannabis second-hand smoke? 

It can have minor health effects. There was one study that showed that there was a minor effect on the chance of having a heart attack. Also, there’s a high likelihood that you would fail a drug test. 

Weed cures Coronavirus, true or false?

FAKE NEWS! This is false. 

Is there truth to the rumor that marijuana smokers don’t get the Coronavirus?

FAKE NEWS! It won’t protect you.

How long does coronavirus stay on weed? If so, how long should I let it sit before consuming it? Will anyone get it if they smoke it or if someone had touched it?

Who sneezed on your buds? The question is basically how long can the coronavirus live on surfaces. There is research on how long it sits on metal, plastic, wood, and paper (2 days on average) but none of these are relatable to cannabis flower.

cannabis and covid

There have been surprisingly no studies on the Coronavirus living on the Cannabis flower and to make matters worse, anything you do to preserve your cannabis will also preserve the virus. As a general rule, the hotter and more humid environment, the shorter the lifespan of the virus.

That’s the best I can do. Seriously, if someone sneezed on your bud, don’t smoke it.

Can you smoke cannabis through your nose?

Is this the new thing with weed consumption? Yes, your nose connects to your lungs, just like your mouth. So, you could, but, why? Seriously? Why?

smoking cannabis

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