Barrie and Orillia Police Say People Are Confused On Cannabis Laws

Law enforcement officers in Orillia and Barrie are finding more and more people who are confused about cannabis legalization in the country. Officers are getting different responses from people in regards to the legality of cannabis.

According to Orillia OPP Inspector Pat Morris, “Some say they think it’s legal, some say they have medical certificates that they can’t produce, and some say, ‘It’s going to be legal so why are you prosecuting it?’”

The Liberals made federal cannabis legalization a part of their campaign platform, but so far nothing much has happened, which has left many anxiously waiting to see how it unfolds. Inspector Morris commented that, “Politically, it may be confusing times. I’m assuming the government is trying to determine what it is going to do politically, and it has the right to change legislation.”

Barrie Constable Nicole Rodgers says that these issues keep coming up with officers in that particular city as well. “It’s kind of just in limbo right now with everything. Everyone is kind of waiting to see what is happening government-wise. Especially with so many states south of us changing their laws. Our stand is we continue to enforce it as long as it is a law,” says Rodgers.

Inspector Morris also says that the police won’t stop cracking down on cannabis.“It is illegal to possess, it is illegal to import and it is illegal to use. The only difference from that is when people have a legal certificate to use it for medicinal purposes,” Morris said.

The police have made it clear that they are still willing to go after those violating cannabis laws, so until legalization is finally implemented we can expect to see many more arrests.